What Are the Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements for U.S. Travelers?

Tourist Visa Guide What Are the Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements for U.S. Travelers?

All About the Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements

Countries of the Schengen area hide many cultural and natural treasures that attract tourists from all parts of the world. The pleasure of discovering such gems is followed by various administrative tasks you must complete to get permission to visit these destinations. Depending on your nationality, residency, or other parameters, you may need to apply for a Schengen visa to enter this area freely.

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What Is the Schengen Area, and What Countries Does It Include?

The Schengen area is a region including 26 European countries and covering the majority of the continent. For many countries, including the USA, traveling to this zone doesn’t require visas or checks at their mutual borders. It means that most tourists can move freely from one Schengen country to another without getting additional permissions.

Members of the Schengen zone are:

AustriaBelgiumThe Czech RepublicDenmark
MaltaThe NetherlandsNorwayPoland

The entire area adopted a single visa policy, and all the countries form part of the same international travel jurisdiction.

Are There Any U.S. Travelers That Need a Schengen Visa?

Even though U.S. tourists generally don’t need a Schengen tourist visa, there may be specific groups of travelers who can be denied entry to Schengen countries without it. Immigration officials at the borders have the right not to let you pass if they believe:

  • Your intended activities in the Schengen country don’t comply with the description of traveling for tourist purposes
  • You should get a Schengen visa for any other reason

What Are the Tourist Visa Requirements for Schengen Countries?

You can find a full list of the required documents and other criteria you must meet to start the application process in the table below:

Passport requirementsYou need a passport that:

  • Was issued in the last ten years
  • Has:
    • Minimum remaining validity of three months beyond your stay period in the Schengen area
    • At least two empty pages
Mandatory documents and requirements for all categories of travelersBesides a valid passport, you also need to prepare:

  • Two recent passport-like photos no older than three months
  • Printed, completed, and signed Schengen visa application form
  • Proof of return flight reservation or a confirmed itinerary for your upcoming trip—must include travel dates and flight numbers
  • Travel Health Insurance with the minimum of $30,000 for medical emergencies expenses
  • Proof of booked accommodation, such as a hotel reservation or rent agreement
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means, such as a sponsorship letter or a bank statement confirming you have enough funds to cover all the travel expenses
Additional paperwork for specific categories of travelers
  • Minors
    • Child travel consent form completed by parents
    • Document clarifying the relationship between minors and adults, such as birth certificate, divorce decree, or proof of adoption
    • Copies of both parents’ bio-data passport pages
  • Students
    • Proof of enrollment at a specific educational institution
    • No Objection Letter from the educational institution
  • Employed candidates
    • Income Tax Return
    • Employment agreement
    • Leave permission from the employer
  • Self-employed candidates
    • Income Tax Return
    • Photocopy of business license
    • Bank statement of the company for the previous six months

How To Apply for a Europe Tourist Visa—A Step-by-Step Explanation

Here’s what the entire Schengen visa application process should look like:

  1. Start preparing your documents in advance—You should apply at least 15 days before the planned trip, but it’s recommendable to do it around three weeks before traveling. To be on the safe side, you should collect all the necessary paperwork as early as possible
  2. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate visa-issuing authority—This can be the embassy of the chosen Schengen country or one of its consulates nearby. Depending on the institution, you may need to arrange the interview online or in person. If you want to visit multiple Schengen countries, you should book an appointment at the embassy of the country where you will spend the majority of your stay
  3. Attend the interview with the officials—Submit all the gathered documents to the visa consular. You will need to answer some questions about your intended travel and other related issues
  4. Pay the Schengen visa application fee—The price varies depending on your age, and it’s non-refundable. You will pay $96 as an adult or $48 for children from six to 12 years of age. Children below six years of age, students, teachers, and researchers don’t pay any administration fees

Once you do that, wait for your visa to get approved. The visa-issuing authority in charge usually needs around ten days to process your application.

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