Smart Hacks That'll Help You Save on Gas Stations

Fuel Rewards Smart Hacks That'll Help You Save on Gas Stations

Smart Hacks That'll Help You Save on Gas Stations

Everyone wants to save on gas stations, and fuel rewards programs can help you do just that. There are a lot of fuel rewards programs through different gas stations and grocery stores. Each of them has a different process of signing up, and each has different ways to save money on gas.

Because each fuel rewards program is different, some of them can be more difficult to sign up for and use than others. After signing up, you may have to search for which gas  stations participate in the rewards program, for instance.

There is a way to simplify the process with DoNotPay. With DoNotPay's Fuel Rewards product, signing up for a gas rewards program is easy.

What Are Gas Rewards?

Fuel rewards programs are done through different gas stations and grocery stores. Chains operate their own gas rewards programs, and each program comes with its own perks and stipulations. Most of the time, a member of a fuel rewards program earns discounts on gas by making purchases at the grocery store.

It is important to check the list of benefits for each rewards program, as some of them come with additional perks as well. For example, some may also give discounts at restaurants.

Best Ways to Save on Gas

Because gas prices are so high, everyone could benefit from saving money at the pump. According to Nerd Wallet, there are several ways to spend less on gas, including:

  • Driving a fuel-efficient car
  • Driving less often, if possible
  • Finding gas stations with lower prices

While these tips can be helpful, they may not do much for someone who doesn't have the option to choose how often they drive. Thankfully, most people have a fuel rewards program they could sign up for.

How Fuel Rewards Can Help Save You Money

Each fuel rewards program works a little differently, but they all offer ways to earn discounts on a gallon of gas. For example, a grocery store fuel rewards program might ask you to scan a card or an app each time you purchase groceries. Once you reach a certain purchasing milestone, you are given a discount such as $0.10 off per gallon.

Find Out Which Fuel Rewards Program Is Best for You

When selecting a fuel rewards program, the first thing to consider is which gas station you frequently go to. If there is not a Shell in your area, you should not sign up for Shell rewards. Similarly, you should consider which grocery store you frequently shop at and if they have a fuel rewards program.

To make things easier, DoNotPay has created guides for different fuel rewards programs:

Best Fuel Rewards GuideShell Fuel Rewards Guide7-Eleven Fuel Rewards Guide
Exxon Fuel Rewards GuideSafeway Fuel Rewards GuideAAA Fuel Rewards Guide
Kroger Fuel Rewards GuideMurphy Fuel Rewards GuideBP Fuel Rewards Guide

How to Sign Up for a Fuel Rewards Program on Your Own

If you want to sign up for a fuel rewards program on your own, you can do it with a bit of research. These steps can help you get signed up:

  1. Determine which grocery stores or gas stations in your area have fuel rewards programs.
  2. Select which program you want based on which has the best rewards that you would likely be able to use.
  3. Research how to sign up for your chosen program
  4. Complete the sign-up process. This typically involves submitting your name, email, and other information.
  5. Download the program's app or order the program's card so that you can take advantage of fuel discounts through the program.

Next Steps if You Can’t Sign Up for Fuel Rewards on Your Own

Signing up for and using fuel rewards programs can be quite the hassle. It can be difficult to know for sure which gas stations offer the discounts, and keeping track of your rewards can also require extra effort. Thankfully, there is another way.

DoNotPay can take care of the hard work for you with our Fuel Rewards product.

Sign Up for a Fuel Rewards Program With DoNotPay

If you are interested in signing up for fuel rewards but don't want to have to handle it on your own, DoNotPay can help. Our Fuel Rewards product can take care of the process in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay and click on the Fuel Rewards Product.


  2. Choose whether you would like to 1) Sign up for a new rewards account, 2) See your Alt ID, or 3) Check on your fuel points. If it's your first time using our product, you'll be prompted to sign up for a rewards account first.


  3. If you choose to see your Alt ID or fuel points, DoNotPay will display that information for you. Otherwise, we'll guide you through a few questions so we can sign you up for a rewards account at your favorite gas station on your behalf.


Why Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Fuel Rewards Programs

There were plenty of reasons to go with DoNotPay when you sign up for a rewards program. To quickly summarize why DoNotPay is so helpful, it is:

  • Fast - You don't have to spend time navigating to find where you need to sign up.
  • Easy - DoNotPay takes care of the hard parts for you, so you don't have to spend effort to save money
  • Successful - DoNotPay is on your side, and we will help you successfully sign up for fuel rewards.

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies With the Click of a Button

In addition to being fast, easy, and successful, DoNotPay has the benefit of working across all companies. DoNotPay can help you sign up for fuel rewards with Shell just as easily as it can help you sign up for fuel rewards with Kroger.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is not just a service that can help you save on gas through fuel rewards programs. Some other services that DoNotPay can do include:

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