Smart Hack That'll Save You Money On Prescription Drugs

Find Prescription Discounts Smart Hack That'll Save You Money On Prescription Drugs

Smart Hack That'll Save You Money On Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications and the high costs associated with them are a reality for millions of Americans. Even having excellent health insurance doesn't spare you from costly co-pays, and many individuals pay for their medication costs entirely out of pocket.

However, there are cost-saving solutions available that many people don't know about. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to save money on prescriptions and how DoNotPay can help. Read on to discover our solutions to save on prescription drugs.

How to Save the Most Money Possible on Prescription Drugs

Many people don't realize that it's not necessary to pay the regular retail price for prescription medications. In fact, there are lots of solutions, including drug coupons and savings clubs, that can save you money on prescriptions. There are several options available, with savings amounts varying depending on what medication you need.

Here are some places to get started finding discounts on the prescriptions you need:

  • Mail-in orders: When purchased through the mail, many prescriptions are significantly cheaper than getting them through your local pharmacy directly.
  • Larger quantities: For many types of medications, such as tablets, the larger the prescription's quantity, the better the price per dosage.
  • Coupons: Many websites offer free prescription drug coupons that are accepted at major retailers nationwide.
  • Prescription savings clubs: There are many prescription savings programs that offer huge discounts to members. Whether you have insurance or not, these programs can lower the price you pay by as much as 80%.

What Kind of Savings Can I Expect?

With so many savings opportunities available, the discounts you can expect to find vary. In addition to where you get your coupon from, another factor that influences price is whether the prescription is brand-name or generic. Generic prescriptions can be as much as 85% cheaper than their name-brand alternatives.

Take a look at this table to see the price differences between common prescription medications in their brand-name and generic form, with and without a coupon.

Brand-Name MedicineCost Without a CouponCost With a CouponGeneric Medicine AlternativeCost Without a CouponCost With a Coupon
Celexa$390 for 30 40mg tablets$4 for 30 20mg tabletsCitalopram (Generic Celexa)$32 for 30 20mg tablets$4 for 30 20mg tablets
Celebrex$519 for 30 200mg capsules$6 for 30 200mg capsulesCelecoxib (Generic Celebrex)$188 for 30 200mg capsules$6 for 30 200mg capsules
Prilosec$452 for 30 20mg delayed-release capsules$383 for 30 20mg delayed-release capsulesOmeprazole (Generic Prilosec)$89 for 30 20mg delayed-release capsules$5 for 30 20mg delayed-release capsules
Singulair$278 for 30 10mg tablets$6 for 30 10mg tabletsMontelukast Sodium (Generic Singulair)$134 for 90 10mg tablets$6 for 90 10mg tablets

What Are the Best Prescription Savings Programs?

Joining a prescription savings program is an excellent way to save on the cost of your medications, and there are many programs to choose from. Here are a few options:

America’s PharmacyNo fees, provides downloadable coupons you can show your pharmacist to save up to 80%, can also be used for pets.Used at 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including popular chains like Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS.
SingleCareCompare medication costs using their app and then download your free coupon. Prices are typically lower than an insurance copay and your friends and family members can also use these discounts, even if they're not a member.Over 35,000 participating major pharmacies, including Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and more.
ScriptSave WellRxFind coupons for both name-brand and generic prescriptions, with no fee to apply or limit on usage frequency. Average savings of 65%.Over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide accept coupons from ScriptSave.

Other Tips to Start Saving on Your Prescriptions

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, it's also worth noting that you can sometimes acquire additional savings by asking your healthcare provider or pharmacy directly.  For example, it might be possible to switch to a cheaper generic brand prescription, and many pharmacies offer reward programs that can lower costs. You can also:

  • See if you're eligible for an AARP prescription discount card
  • If you're receiving Medicare, apply for their Extra Help Program
  • Look for more programs you're eligible for on RxAssist.

How to Find the Best Prescription Savings on Your Own

If you're ready to get started saving money on prescription medications and would like to tackle this process on your own, here is your plan of action:

  1. Call your healthcare provider and inquire about cost-saving solutions or assistance programs they're aware of.
  2. Do a web search for coupons - there are a lot available on various websites. In many cases, you don't even have to sign up for an account to access these coupons, simply click and download.
  3. Check out prescription savings programs and groups, see if any of them work with your local pharmacies, and determine the savings you can expect.
  4. Use a service like RxAssist to sort through other prescription savings and patient assistance programs.

Once you've found a great price, make sure that your local pharmacy will accept the coupon. Many savings clubs and coupons only work with participating retail locations.

How DoNotPay Can Help You Find the Best Savings

While it's definitely possible to locate better deals on medications on your own, the process can be very time-consuming. If you want to be certain you've found the absolute best deal available without putting in hours of work, let DoNotPay handle it.

In just four easy steps, DoNotPay will locate the best deal for your pharmacy and provide you with serious savings. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Prescription Discounts product on DoNotPay.


  1. Enter the name of your prescription drug and specify the specific brand if necessary.


  1. Tell us more about the dosage and form you usually receive the medication in.


  1. Enter your favorite pharmacy or retailer pick-up location.


We will scour the internet for the best deals and ensure that the next time you pick up your prescription you get the best savings possible.

What Else Can DoNotPay Help With?

DoNotPay can help you with all kinds of challenging situations, healthcare-related and otherwise. Some of our most popular services include:

If you're tired of the cost of medications being so high, you should know that you don't have to keep paying your regular price. There are lots of savings opportunities available, and DoNotPay can find the best one on your behalf. Let us save you some time and money today.

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