The Ultimate Guide on the Sarpy County Divorce

File for a Sarpy County Divorce Without a Hitch

Getting a divorce can be a hassle because you need to understand the formal requirements you need to meet, the right paperwork you need to fill out and submit, and the total cost of the procedure.

You can go through a Sarpy County divorce without a headache if you know all the nitty-gritty details. DoNotPay provides the necessary information and a divorce settlement agreement tool to help you get divorced as painlessly as possible.

Meet the Residency Requirements for a Sarpy County Divorce

To file for divorce in Sarpy County, you need to meet the state’s residency requirements. This means that you or your spouse should have lived in Nebraska for at least one year before seeking a dissolution of marriage.

You could also file for divorce in case you’ve:

  • Lived in Nebraska for less than twelve months
  • Been married in this state and have lived here since the beginning of your marriage

If this is the case, you should inquire at the Sarpy County court about the best way to file your request.

File the Right Divorce Forms

You need to complete and file an appropriate packet of divorce forms and follow the required steps to start the divorce process in Nebraska.

Here’s a list of paperwork you must submit at the Sarpy County court:

  1. Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage
  2. Vital Statistics Certificate
  3. Confidential Employment and Health Insurance Information and Social Security Information forms
  4. Filing fee or a fee waiver

If you no longer live in Sarpy County, you can submit the required forms at the court of the county where you or your spouse reside. You can get all the forms on the following Nebraska Supreme Court webpages:

Keep in mind that you must fill out the necessary documentation accurately to avoid delaying the process and final decree issuance.

How To Have Your Spouse Served With Divorce Papers

Keep in mind that you must get your spouse served with the divorce papers within six months of filing the forms with the court.

As this is one of the requirements you need to meet, here are the options you can pursue to have the documents served properly:

How To Serve the Divorce Papers to Your SpouseAdditional Information
Voluntary appearanceGive your spouse the forms to:
  1. Sign them
  2. Return them to you or the court
Praecipe for summonsHave a sheriff deliver the documents to your spouse
Service by publicationPublish the notice of the divorce in the newspaper

Next Steps in the Sarpy County Divorce Process

Once your spouse receives the divorce papers and signs them, you need to wait for 60 days for the first hearing. In the proceeding, the judge will:

  1. Review the submitted documentation
  2. Hear your and your spouse’s testimonies
  3. Decide whether to sign the divorce decree or not

To avoid any problems and delays, you should cooperate with your spouse before the scheduled hearing and agree on the key divorce matters, including:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody and support
  • Division of property

A friendly and uncontested divorce is the least expensive, complicated, and time-consuming procedure during which you:

  1. Can reach an out-of-court settlement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse
  2. Don’t have to hire a lawyer, i.e., you can complete the whole process alone or with the help of a mediator and DoNotPay

to create a rock-solid divorce settlement agreement specifying all the agreed divorce matters for your quick uncontested divorce.

DoNotPay Is the Right Way To Prepare a Reliable Divorce Settlement Agreement

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a divorce. Sit down with your spouse, negotiate and reach an agreement, gather the necessary forms, complete them, and file them. You can do all this alone without paying a hefty sum for services.

DoNotPay can help you prepare your divorce settlement agreement, a document that will help you go through your divorce much easier.

and take the following steps:

  1. Type in Divorce Settlement Agreement in the search box
  2. Provide answers to our chatbot’s questions
  3. Enter the information on your income, debts, and assets

Our AI-powered app scans your state law and requirements and takes them into consideration along with the information you’ve provided to generate a document tailored to your specific situation.

Do you have to get the agreement notarized before filing it with the court? DoNotPay can connect you with a remote notary public who can provide the service 24/7.

Feel free to browse our learning center if you need further details regarding divorce matters. We publish useful guides to help you deal with lots of doubts, including the following:

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