All About the Sanchez State Jail and Contacting Inmates

Connect With an Inmate All About the Sanchez State Jail and Contacting Inmates

Reach Out to Your Incarcerated Friend in the Sanchez Unit

The Rogelio Sanchez State Jail (aka "the Sanchez Unit") is a medium-security prison for men located in El Paso, Texas. It is part of El Paso County. It was built in 1996, and has an official capacity of 1,100 inmates. It has been an ACA Accredited unit since 2002.

Prisoners in the Sanchez Unit are provided classes in basic adult education, and can enroll in GED classes. They may also receive vocational training in carpentry, HVAC, and other fields.

Where Is Sanchez State Jail Located?

The Sanchez State Jail is located not far off Highway 62 in El Paso. Charles Bristow is currently the Senior Warden for the facility. The general contact details for Sanchez State Jail are as follows:

Physical AddressRogelio Sanchez State Jail

3901 State Jail Road

El Paso, TX 79938-8456

Phone Number(915) 856-0046 (**108)

How to Contact Inmates at Sanchez State Jail on Your Own

If you want to write or visit an inmate at Sanchez State Jail, then it's important to know the proper procedures to follow. Whether you're pen pals with an inmate or a close family member, you only have a few options to contact him in the Sanchez Unit.

Visiting an Inmate

The visiting hours for inmates in Sanchez State Jail are Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm. Each visit is limited to a maximum of 2 hours. If you show up at the last hour, you may not be processed or be able to spend any time with the inmate.

Writing to an Inmate

If you want to write to an inmate in Sanchez State Jail, it's vital that you address your letter correctly. Here is how you should format your letter:

Inmate Name, TDCJ ID Number

Sanchez State Jail

3901 State Jail Road

El Paso, TX 79938-8456

You can send your friend in the Sanchez Unit books, magazines, and other publications from approved vendors like Amazon.

What is NOT allowed:

  • Nudity
  • Sexually suggestive material
  • Material related to gangs
  • Material that could incite hate

All items mailed to an inmate will be opened and inspected for contraband.

E-messaging an Inmate

The Sanchez State Jail now offers e-messaging to inmates via You can send an inmate an electronic message over this platform, and they will receive it in the mail room, printed and delivered along with the regular mail. 

Calling an Inmate

Outsiders are not allowed to contact inmates within the Sanchez Unit via phone. Instead, inmates have an approved list of phone numbers that they can call from inside the facility. Inmates are usually able to access the phones between 7am and 10pm most days.

How to Send Money to Sanchez State Jail Inmates

You can send money to Sanchez State Jail inmates in 4 basic ways:

  1. Walk-in You can deposit money for the inmate at any MoneyGram or Western Union location.
  2. Internet You can send the inmate money via a number of different websites, including JPAY, TouchPay, Western Union, and eCommDirect.
  3. Phone You can deposit funds into the inmate's trust fund account by calling JPAY at 1-800-574-5729, TouchPay at 1-877-868-5358, or Western Union at 1-800-325-6000. (Please note that each company will charge a transaction fee.)
  4. Mail Once you obtain a deposit slip from the inmate, you can send a money order or cashier's check payable to "Inmate Trust Fund for (inmate's name and ID number)."

Difficulties You May Encounter When Trying to Contact Your Loved One in Sanchez State Jail

Some challenges may come up as you reach out to your incarcerated loved one in Sanchez State Jail. For one thing, you may not know for certain whether your loved one currently is in the Sanchez Unit, or is in another facility. Or the Sanchez State Jail may be located some distance from your home, making regular visitation impractical. In addition, only landlines and cell phones can receive calls from inmates (prepaid phones and Internet-based phone services won't be able to receive calls).

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