What Elements Should a Sample Rent-To-Own Contract for a Mobile Home Contain?

Standardized Legal Documents What Elements Should a Sample Rent-To-Own Contract for a Mobile Home Contain?

What Should a Sample Rent-To-Own Contract for a Mobile Home Cover?

Have you considered buying a manufactured house, but you don’t have enough money to pay the entire purchase price? Why not try to lease or rent it and wait for a better moment? If you found a mobile home of your dreams, don’t let it go just because you can’t buy it at the moment. You can sign a rent-to-own agreement with the homeowner and lease the property until you are ready to purchase it.

If you decide to write the contract yourself, you may be tempted to choose the easy way and use online samples as an example. Since their quality may be questionable, we can help you find out what a good sample rent-to-own contract for a mobile home should include. This article will also highlight the best way to generate unlimited legal documents without stressing out or searching for online templates.

Rent-To-Own Mobile Home Contracts Explained

A rent-to-own mobile home agreement is a contract that allows the tenant to purchase a manufactured home once the initial rental period ends if they want. The renter signs it with an individual or a specific manufactured home park owner that rents out the property in question. The document defines the rental terms and regulations related to the potential purchase.

Future renters usually opt for this type of agreement when they:

  • Aren’t ready to commit at the moment
  • Don’t have enough money for an upfront payment
  • Want to get acquainted with the neighborhood before they buy the mobile home
  • Can’t get a loan for purchasing the mobile home right away because their credit score is low

Why Should You Sign a Rent-To-Own Mobile Home Agreement?

What is so special about rent-to-own agreements? Here are the lists of the most prominent advantages these contracts offer:

  • Benefits for tenants
    • Tenant can buy the mobile home without a huge upfront payment
    • Landlord can’t increase the predetermined price even if the market price goes up
    • Future buyers can check the neighborhood and decide whether they want to live and own a house at that location
    • Renters aren’t required to qualify for a loan or mortgage—they can wait for a more suitable moment to buy the property
    • The chances that landlords will allow renters to improve or renovate some parts of the property are bigger with this contract
  • Benefits for landlords
    • The contract provides a steady, long-term income
    • Landlords can set a non-refundable option fee and minimize the risks
    • Property owners can keep the higher price even if the market price goes down
    • The agreement helps landlords avoid paying commissions to a broker

What Should a Rent-To-Own Mobile Home Contract Sample Include?

A rent-to-own mobile home contract is usually a combination of two separate agreements:

  1. A typical lease or rental agreement
  2. An option to purchase

Both parts must be in writing, and all clauses must be concise and comprehensible. Another plus is a solid structure covering all necessary sections that comply with local laws.

Online samples are usually quite accessible but not always accurate. They may also be incomplete or based on outdated laws, which is why you must pay close attention to the contents of an example you want to use. 

Some recommended elements that a solid rent-to-own mobile home contract sample should contain are listed in the following table:

Standard lease or rental agreement
  • Full legal names and addresses of the tenant and the mobile homeowner
  • Start and end date of the rental period
  • Property information, including:
    • Location
    • Legal and physical description
    • General condition of the property
  • Rent details
    • Monthly amount
    • Payment schedule
    • Penalties for late fees
    • Security deposit info
  • Utilities
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Potential modifications of the property
  • Various policies
    • Pets
    • Noise
    • Guests
    • Smoking
  • Sublease option
  • Responsibilities of both parties
An option to purchase
  • Option consideration
  • Purchase price
  • Title insurance details
  • Real estate taxes
  • Exclusivity of option
  • Earnest money deposit
  • Property included in the sale
  • No equitable ownership clause

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