Sample Operating Agreement for a Two-Member LLC Explained

Standardized Legal Documents Sample Operating Agreement for a Two-Member LLC Explained

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What Is a Two-Member LLC Operating Agreement?

A two-member LLC operating agreement is a document that clarifies the ownership and operational structures of a limited liability company (LLC) that has two owners. The owners of an LLC are called members. 

You don’t need to make this agreement in all U.S. states, but it will definitely be helpful to ensure everything runs smoothly. What the operating agreement entails depends on various factors, such as:

  • Number of members
  • Management structure
  • Investment
  • Tax considerations
  • Profit-sharing

Both members of an LLC should sign the original of the operating agreement in front of a notary public along with all the copies. At least one original needs to stay at the company’s principal address.

Two-Member LLC vs. Single-Member LLC

You would assume that the difference between the two-member and a single-member LLC is clear, but that’s not always the case. A single business owner can create a multi-member LLC, and more than one person can form a single-member company.

The first situation is possible if the owner makes their spouse or child a member. The other option happens if business partners own multiple properties as two separate LLCs and opt to form a multiple-member LLC that owns the two separate ones. This action helps them avoid filing separate tax returns.

Why Is a Two-Member LLC Operating Agreement Important?

Creating an operating agreement for a two-member LLC is even more important than the single-member one. When there is more than one owner of the company, disputes and disagreements are more likely to occur. This legal document should ensure the communication between the two parties is clear.

One of the most important parts of an operating agreement for companies with multiple members is the explanation of what happens in case one of the parties is not doing their job properly. If you have all of the rules and consequences written down, you will be able to handle the issues easily if need be.

What Information Should Every Two-Member LLC Operating Agreement Include?

If you want to create a rock-solid two-member LLC operating agreement, you need to know what info it should contain. Take a look at the table below for more details:



Basic information
  • Names of the members
  • Name of the company
  • The nature of the business
Duration of the agreementStart and end date of the contract
Formation of the agreement
  • Type of the LLC (single- or multi-member)
  • The purpose of the LLC
  • The registered agent of the LLC
Banking and accounting
  • Who will handle financial matters
  • What the fiscal year of the company will be
  • How banking will be dealt with
Rights of the members
  • Administrative power
  • Voting rights
  • Right to enter into contracts on the LLC’s behalf
  • Forbidden activities
Management of the agreement
  • Meeting schedules
  • Type of management
Terms of termination
  • Breach of contract
  • Mutual end of the agreement
  • Ways to distribute material and intellectual property
Confidentiality of the agreement
  • What information is confidential
  • Who owns the right to intellectual property
Members’ signaturesAll the members and representatives should sign the document

You can avoid the troubles of adding all of this information to the operating agreement and let DoNotPay handle the difficult part of the task.

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