Sample Letter of Termination of Tenancy Agreement by Tenant

Sample Letter of Termination of Tenancy Agreement by a Tenant—Writing Tips

If you live as a tenant in a house or an apartment, you have to sign a tenancy agreement. According to that legal document, you should write a notice to your landlord once you decide whether you want to renew the agreement or terminate it when the agreed-upon expiration date arrives.

There is a third scenario. You might want to terminate your tenancy agreement early. In that case, you should write a tenant’s notice to your landlord. If you’re not sure what to include in it or how to write it, don’t worry— has you covered! We will show you a sample letter of termination of a tenancy agreement by a tenant.

Termination of Rental Agreement Letter by a Tenant—What To Include

No matter the reason for early termination, you need to notify your landlord in writing about your decision. Most states require that you send the termination letter 30 days in advance, but it would be best if you sent it 60 days in advance.

If it’s written by a tenant, the letter of termination is also called a tenant’s notice to terminate the tenancy.

In your notice, you have to include:

Personal InformationAdditional Information
  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Signature
  • Your landlord’s name and address
  • The address you plan to move to
  • Date when you are sending the letter
  • The reason for wanting to terminate the agreement early
  • Date when you plan to vacate your current residency

You should also underline that you are eligible for a security deposit and that you want to know when the landlord can come to inspect the place. Don’t forget that you are obliged to clean the house or the apartment you’re moving out of.

A Sample Termination Letter by a Tenant

A tenant’s notice to terminate the tenancy should be a short, direct, and semi-formal letter. You can mail it electronically or send it to your landlord’s physical address.

Take a look at an example of a termination letter to get a good idea of what yours should look like:

[Your name]

[Your current address]

[Date of sending the letter]

[Your landlord’s name]

[Your landlord’s address]

Tenancy Termination

Dear, [your landlord’s name]

I am writing to tell you that I plan to vacate the premises [your current address] by [the date when you plan to move].

My tenancy agreement started on [date] and ends on [the agreed-upon expiration date]. I regret to inform you that I am unable to reside in the house/apartment until the end of my tenancy agreement. My reason is that [a direct explanation for your decision].

I have respected the terms of our agreement and will clean the premises before I vacate them. I will hand over my keys to you on [date] if this date works for you. You can send my security deposit to my new address [either state the address here or note that you will send the information at a later date].

Feel free to contact me at [any or specified time] by phone or email [your contact information].

Thank you for your understanding, and I am expecting your response.


[Your name and signature]

What To Watch Out for if You Want To Terminate Your Agreement Early

If you plan to terminate your tenancy agreement early, you should:

  1. Make sure you’re abiding by your tenancy agreement terms
  2. Create a copy of your termination letter and keep it
  3. Send your notice before you vacate the house or apartment

Failing to pay an agreed-upon fee for early termination or send your landlord a notice within the set timeframe is considered unlawful behavior. In that case, your landlord can sue you and make you pay up the remaining rent.

What if Your Tenancy Agreement Doesn’t Have an Early Termination Clause?

If your tenancy agreement doesn’t have an early termination clause, don’t despair. You can still send your landlord a request to negotiate the early termination terms.

Take a look at some instances in which it’s easy to terminate the agreement before its expiration date without the early termination clause:

  • Suffering domestic abuse
  • Getting deployed by the military
  • Moving into a retirement home
  • Notifying the landlord of any repairs they need to do and them failing to respond

Even if none of these scenarios apply to you, you can reach a mutual termination agreement with your landlord.

Usually, landlords request several months’ rent from the tenants that want to terminate the agreement early.

You may need to relinquish your security deposit or find a new tenant to avoid having to pay the remaining rent for a few months.

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