The Best Sample Caregiver Contract for a Family Member

A Guide to Finding a Sample Caregiver Contract for a Family Member 

When a family member gets old or becomes unable to take care of themselves, hiring a caregiver is a wise solution. Licensed nurses and carers are widely available, but not everyone feels comfortable enough to be attended by an unknown person. This is why family members sometimes decide to take over this role.

Caregiver agreements are the best way to establish the terms of such a relationship, but you may have a hard time writing one. If you aren’t sure what a caregiver contract for a family member should contain, you can find all the answers in our guide

How Does a Caregiver Contract Work?

A caregiver contract is an agreement between a:

  1. Care recipient—A disabled, sick, or elderly person who needs additional care due to their condition
  2. Caregiver—A family member who agrees to take care of their disabled or sick relative

It’s also known as the:

  • Personal care agreement
  • Eldercare contract
  • Family care contract
  • Non-medical home care service agreement
  • Long-term care personal support services agreement

This legal document outlines all the services the caregiver must provide and lists all their responsibilities. To be valid, it must be in writing and refer to future care, not to the previously provided assistance

Caregiver’s duties may include:

  • Providing transportation
  • Taking a person to the doctor’s appointments
  • Cleaning the care recipient’s house
  • Doing laundry
  • Preparing hot meals
  • Paying utility bills
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Helping with numerous other daily activities

The best way to prepare for drafting a caregiver contract with a family member is to discuss potential terms with the recipient. Once all family members agree upon the specific conditions, you can start preparing a written agreement.

What Should a Caregiver Agreement With a Family Member Cover?

Here are some essential provisions every caregiver contract sample should include:

  1. Names and signatures of the caregiver and care recipient
  2. Contact information and physical addresses of both signing parties
  3. Start date of the agreement
  4. The location where the caregiver will work
  5. The status of the caregiver—Whether they act as an independent contractor or an employee
  6. A thorough description of all caregiver’s responsibilities 
  7. Schedule of caregiving activities—How long or how often the caregiver must provide their services
  8. Payment details—Amount, frequency, etc.
  9. Modification clause—Potential alterations of the contract terms and conditions. The American Bar Association (ABA) suggests checking your agreement due to possible changes at least once a year 
  10. Backup plan for situations when the caregiver is absent
  11. Termination clause
  12. Applicable laws

You can include any additional clauses related to other aspects you consider significant

Do You Need To Have Your Caregiver Agreement Notarized?

You must have your caregiver contract notarized to make it valid. The parties involved shouldn’t sign it before arriving at a notary office. The notarized document must state the date of signing and have the signatures of the caregiver and recipient of care. 

If the recipient can’t visit the notary, they should give a power of attorney to another person to sign the contract on their behalf.

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