Easily Find the Best GoodRx Coupons for CVS Pharmacy

Find Prescription Discounts Easily Find the Best GoodRx Coupons for CVS Pharmacy

Easily Find the Best GoodRx Coupons for CVS Pharmacy

As one of the most well-known pharmacies, many people requiring prescriptions trust CVS. With most adults paying half of their drug expenses out of pocket, finding coupons and discounts helps make prescriptions more affordable. Using CVS Rx coupons is one way for CVS shoppers to save money on their monthly medications. However, with your busy schedule, how can you find the time to compare prescription prices and find the best Rx discounts?

DoNotPay makes saving on your prescriptions without cutting into your free time simple. All it takes is a click of a button, and you'll save money on your prescriptions without worrying about the Rx coupon prescription discount program not working at your local CVS or preferred pharmacy.

How to Get Rx Discounts at CVS

Did you know that you make be paying more than you have to for your prescriptions filled at CVS? The up-front market price is not always set in stone, and asking for a discount or finding the right deals can save you a significant amount of money. 

Become a CVS Caremark Member

As a CVS Caremark Member, you'll join more than half of members spending less than $100 out-of-pocket for prescription drugs. Also, the free ExtraCare program often provides you with cashback incentives and discounts for using CVS pharmacies.

Use Prescription Drug Coupons and Savings Cards Accepted at CVS

  • GoodRx
  • RxSaver
  • Amazon Rx Savings Card
  • Drugs.com Discount Card
  • ScriptSave WellRx Discount Card
  • SingleCare CVS Prescription Discount Card
  • WebMDRx Savings Card

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of accepted discount cards and Rx coupons by CVS pharmacies. Always check with the discount provider or your local CVS to ensure your prescription savings will be applied.

How Much You Could Save With CVS Rx Discounts

Compare typical retail prices to what you could save for 30 tablets of popular prescriptions with Rx coupons at CVS.

Brand Name DosageTypical PriceAverage Discount
Atorvastatin40 mg$12675%
Eszopiclone3 mg$31490%
Fluoxetine20 mg$2720%
Losartan100 mg$6455%
Metoprolol25 mg$1235%
Valsartan160 mg$6945%
Zolpidem10 mg$5950%

Start Saving on Your Prescriptions With These Top Tips

Even with inexpensive prescriptions, the cost adds up quickly throughout the year. With or without insurance coverage, the expense for prescription drugs can add unnecessary financial stress to your life. Use these five tips to start saving on your prescriptions, whether using CVS or another trusted provider.

  1. Use the CVS Pharmacy App.
  2. Contact your doctor or pharmacy to ask about potential discounts.
  3. Ask your healthcare provider to increase your supply to take advantage of quantity discounts.
  4. Sign up for a prescription savings program.
  5. Try a different pharmacy or retailer.
  6. Use mail-in prescription services.

How to Get Prescription Discounts: Rx Coupons CVS

Now that you know you could be saving big bucks on your prescription with a little upfront research, you're probably wondering where you begin. We've broken down the steps to take to get CVS Rx coupons and prescription savings.

  1. Sign in to CVS to search for potential Rx savings.
  2. If you do not already have a CVS online account, you'll need to create one to conduct a savings search.
  3. Your CVS pharmacist will consider your insurance coverage, coupons, and other options to help lower your out-of-pocket cost.
  4. Ensure your CVS pharmacist has the updated contact information for your doctor to allow them to consult with them to find cheaper alternatives that better fit your budget.
  5. You'll receive recommendations on how you can save, whether by switching scripts timeframes or replacing brands.
  6. Coordinate with your healthcare provider and CVS pharmacy to add available Rx coupons or your prescription discount card.
  7. Start paying less when picking up your prescriptions.

As a quick overview of how you save with CVS Rx coupons, it does not go in-depth about the time required for searching for savings and conducting comparisons to identify the best deals. Despite the possibility of saving money each month, many are too busy to do the upfront work to take advantage of CVS prescription discounts. Luckily, there's an easier way with the help of DoNotPay. Using DoNotPay, we take care of the required research and soft through the data to find the best CVS Rx coupons and discounts, so all you'll need to think about is the savings you'll enjoy when picking up your prescriptions. 

The Easy Way to Find CVS Prescription Discounts Using DoNotPay

If you are having trouble finding Rx coupons for CVS or do not have the time to search for discounts on your own, DoNotPay is here to save the day. DoNotPay's Prescription Discounts product will scan the web to find the best CVS Rx coupons and deals for your meds. All it takes is a click of a button on your part, and DoNotPay will deliver the best prescription savings for you to use when picking up your medications at your local pharmacy or retailer. 

How to Get the Best Price for Your Prescriptions at CVS Using DoNotPay

If you want to get the best price for your prescriptions at CVS but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Prescription Discounts product on DoNotPay.


  1. Enter the name of your prescription drug and specify the specific brand if necessary.


  1. Tell us more about the dosage and form you usually receive the medication in.


  1. Enter your favorite pharmacy or retailer pick-up location.


To make saving money on your prescription at CVS even easier, DoNotPay will send the Rx coupon directly to your local CVS so that it is automatically applied to your total payment when you pick up your prescription. Contact us today to get a better price on your prescription drugs with less hassle.

What Other Things Can DoNotPay Help With?

DoNotPay makes it easy to get prescription discounts at all pharmacies or retailers the same way it helps you score Rx coupons at CVS. Besides saving you money on your monthly medications, DoNotPay provides several helpful services for all your healthcare-related needs. 

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