What You Need To Know About The RVshare Terms of Service

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Everything You Need to Know About The RVshare Terms of Service

Only four things are certain in life: birth, death, taxes, and each company having its own set of well-defined terms of service (TOS). Albeit notoriously long, TOS set the ground rules for what users can and cannot do on a particular service — and the RVshare terms of service are no different.

In this blog, we're going to cut through the noise and analyze RVshare terms of service, helping you understand the gist of what it entails to be a customer of the world's largest RV rental platform. On top of that, we'll tell you how you can analyze with the help of DoNotPay. Ready? Read on to learn more.

RVshare Terms of Service

Founded in 2012, RVshare is the world's first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. It's like the Airbnb of the RV world. Anyone who owns an RV can list their RV on RVshare and once it gets rented, they make some extra money. As of now, a whopping 60,000 RV owners are on RVShare. Both owners and renters have profiles on this gigantic platform — complete with reviews written by people they've rented to or from.

Given the mammoth number of RV owners and customers that RVshare transacts with daily, it's no surprise that the company has had to adopt a more elaborate TOS document in recent years. Some of the document's key tenets include:

  1. Company not being a party to any transaction between members.
  2. Account registration and identity verification.
  3. Unauthorized uses of the website and services.
  4. Online booking.
  5. Payment processing.
  6. Damage to RVs — renter responsibilities.
  7. Company service fees.
  8. RVshare renter fees.
  9. Cancellation fees.

Last revised on October 13, 2021, RVshare's Terms of Service continue to define the boundaries of who, how, and when to engage with the company. As you'd expect, some of these terms carry more weight than others, and such, need closer scrutiny.

How You Cannot Use RVshare

As with any other company, RVshare is crystal-clear on ways one cannot use its website or its services. For starters, the license to use the website and services doesn't include any right of collection, copying, aggregation, duplication, scraping, display, or any derivative use of the website without the company's prior written permission. Further restrictions on RVshare's website usage are highlighted below:

  • Reproduce any portion of the website on your website or otherwise
  • Reverse engineer any part of the website
  • Post or transmit any unlawful, abusive, threatening, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, or otherwise profane material
  • Violate, plagiarize, or infringe the rights of RVshare or third parties
  • Use the website and its inquiry or booking functionality other than to advertise and/or research RVs, to make legitimate inquiries, or any other use expressly authorized in the website

Of course, this is just a pinch of the company's in-depth terms of use. More can be found in the original document.

Who Can Use RVshare

Only two sets of people have the exclusive rights to use RVshare: verified RV owners and RV renters. Anyone outside this scope cannot utilize RVshare services whatsoever. That said, the owner and/or renter may engage RVshare for services made available through the company's communication tools or through the "Request a Quote Platform." While it's possible to search listings as an unregistered user on the website, you cannot create a listing or book an RV if you're yet to register as a legitimate RVshare user.

Upon signup, users are granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to access the website and the services solely for the purpose of:

  • Listing an RV
  • Searching for an RV
  • Purchasing or researching any of the products or services on the website

According to RVshare Terms of Service, any use of the website that is not within this purpose is "expressly prohibited."

How to Analyze RVshare Terms of Service on Your Own

Like any other TOS, RVshare's TOS document is incredibly long and verbosely worded. A quick glance across will make you feel like every other word in there is important. But is that really the case? Scanning for important information is key when scouring such a detailed, well-fleshed-out document.

Here's exactly what you should look out for in RVshare's TOS:

  • Up to what extent am I allowed to use the company's website and services?
  • Which third-party payment processing provider should I use?
  • Arbitration, where my rights to sue in court might be explicitly limited
  • Termination, where my license of use might be revoked
  • Identity verification, where I might be authorizing the company to obtain my personal information, credit reports, and other sensitive data.
  • Service fees, where I might not be restituted in the event of cancellation by an RV owner
  • Sections written in BOLD and CAPS
  • Hyperlinked words

Let's face it, though—the process of analyzing is tedious and time-consuming at best. Even if you had an entire day to pick out key clauses, you still wouldn't be able to grasp them all. Is there a way to analyze TOS better, faster, and more concisely? You bet there is! Say hello to DoNotPay—the world's first and only robot lawyer.

Solve Your RVshare TOS Woes with the Help of DoNotPay

Finding RVshare's TOS might be easy, but if you want to pick out key clauses and segments where your rights might have been violated, you should rely on DoNotPay. With our Analyze Terms and Service product, you don't have to blow your brains or spend hours on end analyzing RVshare Terms of Service — we can do that for you.

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