Plan Your Trip to Russia! Tourist Visa Cost Won’t Surprise You if You Read Our Guide

Tourist Visa Guide Plan Your Trip to Russia! Tourist Visa Cost Won’t Surprise You if You Read Our Guide

Traveling to Russia—Tourist Visa Cost and Other Important Information

Are you planning a trip to Russia? If you are traveling there for the first time, gathering all the paperwork and figuring out how much you need to pay might be overwhelming. To help you focus on the exciting aspects of your journey, such as visiting the Hermitage Museum or tasting borscht soup, we have created this comprehensive tourist visa guide.

DoNotPay is here to walk you through all the necessary steps to obtaining your visa and having a wonderful trip to Russia.

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Types of Russian Tourist Visas

Russia offers three types of visas, depending on how many times you want to enter the country. Check them out in the table below:

Type of VisaValidity Period
Single-entry visa30 days
Double-entry visa30 days
Multiple-entry visa
  • Six months
  • 12 months
  • Three years

Aside from these, you can also apply for an e-visa. If you are a U.S. citizen or passport holder, an electronic visa will be available to you only for visits to the Kaliningrad Region and Far East Federal District. This visa is free of charge, and you can get it through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Consular Department website.

Russia Tourist Visa Fees for U.S. Passport Holders

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can obtain your tourist visa in the Russian consulate in your state if you pay the following:

  • Single-entry visa —$160
  • Double-entry visa—$160
  • Multiple-entry visa—$160

The price for a visa transfer is $36.

Processing Time for Russian Tourist Visas

Whether you apply for a single-, double-, or multiple-entry tourist visa, the standard processing time for your application will take from four to twenty days.

If you wish to receive your single- or double-entry visa faster, you can request to get it within three days after you submit your application. You will not have to pay extra for this expedited processing.

The Requirements for Obtaining a Russian Tourist Visa

The only way to obtain your tourist visa for Russia is by applying for it in your country of residence.

To ensure your application is accepted, you should get in touch with the Russian consulate and get the information about visa eligibility in your state.

Here are the requirements for multiple-, double- or single-entry visas for U.S. applicants:

  1. U.S. passport
  2. Standard passport picture—A 2 x 2 inches photo with a white background
  3. Means of payment and money order required to pay to the Russian consulate
  4. Visa application form completed—You will need to fill out the form on the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and print and sign it before submitting
  5. Confirmation of hotel reservation and reception of the tourist
  6. Register number from the Federal Tourism Agency's Uniform Federal Register of the Tour Operations

You may also have to submit additional documentation, such as:

  • Medical insurance—It needs to be valid in Russia and completely covering your first-trip period
  • Your bank statement
  • Your employer’s statement about your wages for the preceding month, six months, or a year

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Do Other Countries in Europe Require Tourist Visas?

You can rely on DoNotPay no matter the part of the world you are traveling to. Take a look at our knowledge base and find out which countries require a tourist visa and which can grant you entry without one.

To gather more info about tourist visas in other European countries, check out our guides in the table below:

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