Roommate Agreement for Dorm Rooms Explained

Little Known Tips To Simplify Making a Roommate Agreement for Dorm Rooms

The college experience should be one of the best and most fun experiences of your life! Meeting new friends, visiting campuses, and learning about what you love is a dream come true for many.

What happens when a tedious task, like drafting contracts, gets in the way of your perfect college plans? DoNotPay jumps in to help with simplified instructions for drawing up a roommate dorm agreement!

By letting us help you create a dorm roommate agreement, you will ensure that no misunderstandings among roommates occur, and you can get back to enjoying your college life!

Why Is the Roommate Agreement for Dorms Worth Your Attention?

You arrive at your college, and it’s time to settle in, but you soon find out that you have to share your dorm room with a roommate. You had already met a friend that you would like to live with, so you’re happy about it. But what happens when you can’t choose the person you want to share your room with?

Your roommate is often already assigned to you, so you aren’t in a position to pick and choose which one you want. In such cases, clear communication and ground rules are the key. That’s where the dorm roommate agreement swoops in.

By having this agreement, you won’t have to worry about any rules and obligations concerning you or your roommate. You will have a clear understanding of every responsibility you two should carry. The agreement is the best way to avoid any issues. Even if an issue arises, the agreement is the easiest way to resolve the problem if you write it the right way. We help you with valuable and valid info, so don’t shy away from using our article as a guide to your perfect dorm roommate agreement!

Save Time by Writing Your Roommate Agreement for Dorms in Four Quick Steps

There is no need for you to waste time and overthink your dorm roommate agreement. By following the four steps we provide below, you will have your agreement ready in the blink of an eye! Here’s what to include:

  1. Names and room location
  2. Terms
  3. Additional concerns
  4. Signatures

Names and Room Location

At the beginning of your agreement, state your and your roommate's names. If you have more than one roommate, don’t forget to include any of their names. Follow it up by specifying the room’s location, including the details such as:

  • State and town
  • School
  • Room number


When it comes to the terms, you can include anything that you think is relevant and that your roommates agree with. One of the most important terms is study time. Make sure to reach an agreement on when the best study time is, and that will be when roommates make minimum noise.

Mention anything else you find relevant, including the terms related to:

  • Sleep time
  • Personal belongings
  • Cleaning duties
  • Shared costs

Additional Concerns

The terms we listed above are the most common ones when it comes to dorm roommate agreements, but if you or your roommate think of anything else that you would like to address, don’t hesitate to include it in the agreement. Discuss any additional concerns you have and use this section to address them.


Once you cover all of the terms your agreement should have, you have to solidify it with signatures. Sign the agreement and get your roommate to do the same. If there is more than one roommate, make sure all of them provide signatures.

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