Does Ricks on the River in Tampa Take Reservations?

Burner Card For Reservations Does Ricks on the River in Tampa Take Reservations?

How to Use a Burner Card for Reservations at Ricks on the River

Those of you who live in or visit Tampa, Florida may be familiar with Ricks on the River. It's a marina, bar, and grill, all rolled into one establishment.

Because of how busy it can get there, Ricks on the River is not an easy place to get into. What if you don't want to use your credit card there? Maybe you don't even have a credit card.

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Some Background on Ricks on the River

Established in 1994, Ricks on the River is one of the top bars and marinas to visit in Tampa. If you look on their Facebook page, you'll see that many visitors think it represents Tampa better than any other place.

Not only is it a bar and restaurant, but also an oyster bar. They have live music four nights per week into the weekend besides.

Some other attractive amenities at Ricks on the River include:

  • You're able to park your own boat along their dock.
  • They stay open until 3 a.m, so you can party there late into the night.
  • They're within a middle price range so you don't have to pay a fortune for good food.

Does Ricks on the River Take Reservations?

No. Because of how popular Ricks on the River is, you definitely need to call ahead to see how busy it is. It can get very crowded there, including the boat dock. Nevertheless, their Yelp page indicates they don't take reservations.

Still, they have easy ways of reaching them for information:

  • Call their main customer service number at (813) 251-0369.
  • Contact them at (813) 708-9245 if you want to hold a private event at their restaurant.
  • Message them on Facebook through Messenger to ask any questions.

Ricks on the River doesn't state any reason for not taking reservations. Due to how busy they are on a daily basis, they don't really need to take reservations. As a result, there’s always a risk you won’t get a seat.

How to Secure a Reservation Without a Credit Card

You’ve heard of burner phones, right? Burner cards are a similar idea.

It's essentially a real credit card expiring after a brief time window so you don't have your personal information sent to the restaurant in question. In the case of Ricks on the River, you may not want to use your credit card there due to not wanting to share your card number, unexpected events, or even because of hidden fees.

With a burner card, you use it once, then not worry about the aftermath. Here at DoNotPay, we can help set this up for you if you plan to pay for your experience at Ricks on the River by credit card.

Use a Burner Card at Ricks on the River with the Help of DoNotPay

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