What You Need To Know About Rhode Island Jury Duty

Request Jury Duty Leave What You Need To Know About Rhode Island Jury Duty

Called for Rhode Island Jury Duty? Here’s What You Need To Know

It is your American civic duty to occasionally serve as a juror. There are thousands of cases filed in Rhode Island each year, and every one requires an impartial jury.

Do you understand how Rhode Island jury duty works? From summons to trial, there are many steps in the process, all of which we will explore in this article.

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How You Were Chosen for Rhode Island Jury Duty

Jurors are chosen at random from all eligible residents of the state. Juror requirements include:

  • Being a U.S. citizen
  • Being 18+
  • Having Rhode Island residency
  • Having command of the English language
  • Being able to execute juror duties both physically and mentally
  • Being of a sane mind
  • Having no previous convictions or felonies

When you receive a jury summons, you are required by law to appear in court. Those who fail to honor their jury summons will face the following consequences:

  • Held in contempt of court
  • Charged a fine

How Rhode Island Jury Duty Works

Here is the process by which a jury is selected:

  1. Potential jurors are drawn and sent their summons in the mail
  2. Jurors fill out a questionnaire to confirm their eligibility or request an excusal from duty
  3. Jurors submit to questioning as a part of the selection process on the first day
  4. Between six and 16 jurors are selected, depending on the type of trial
  5. The jury observes the trial and delivers a ruling

Rhode Island courts cannot summon jurors more than once a year if they have served at least two weeks. Jury duty usually lasts two to five days. You may apply for a postponement of your jury duty by getting in touch with the Court Clerk’s office.

How Much Do Rhode Island Jurors Get Paid?

County jurors are entitled to $15 per day served in court. This ranks relatively low among the daily wages offered to jurors by other states.

Rhode Island courts do not offer reimbursement for travel or other expenses associated with jury duty. If you serve in a federal court, you will receive $50 per day and additional reimbursements. Unlike in other states, your employer does not have to provide compensation while you serve as a juror.

Getting Out of Jury Duty in Rhode Island

There are a number of commonly claimed reasons for jury duty exemption—Rhode Island does not recognize them all:

Vocation/ConditionExempt in Rhode Island (Yes/No)
Elected officialYes
Law enforcementYes
Breastfeeding motherNo

What To Do Before Your First Day in Court

Get ready for your time in court by first informing your employer about your upcoming absence. Don’t worry—your boss cannot fire you for needing time off for jury duty. You are legally entitled to unpaid leave from work for the extent of your jury duty.

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