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The Easiest Way To Find Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Trials

The goal of clinical trials, by definition, is to improve healthcare by testing the safety and effectiveness of new treatment options. Rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials are no different in that regard.

Considering that we still don’t have clear answers about what causes rheumatoid arthritis and that around 1.3 million Americans live with this long-term autoimmune disorder, participation in such medical studies is even more important.

Clinical studies of rheumatoid arthritis don’t recruit just the patients suffering from this condition, but healthy volunteers as well. With DoNotPay, you can find a clinical trial regardless of your health status.

Types of Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Studies

Medicine still doesn’t have the cure for rheumatoid arthritis, and breakthroughs in this area depend heavily on new clinical studies. While some trials try to find new treatment options, others focus on improving the life quality of patients affected by arthritis or devising better diagnostic methods.

Based on the target and scope, clinical studies can be classified as:

  • Treatment research
  • Prevention research
  • Diagnostic and screening research
  • Quality-of-life research

Searching for Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Studies With DoNotPay

Whether you’re looking for a clinical trial, a university psychology study, or a medical survey, DoNotPay will find participation opportunities for you. We have created our clinical trial search platform to help people who want to get more relevant search results based on their priorities.

Typing “clinical trials near me” in a web browser will only get you so far since many results overlap or get lost on the obscure second page of Google. By using our app, you will be able to see the trials and studies you want to see and sign up for them with one click or tap.

Searching for clinical trials with DoNotPay is effortless and streamlined. You can start by creating your DoNotPay account in any . When you log in, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Clinical Trials
  2. Hit Get Started
  3. Set up search criteria to see the most relevant studies
  4. Select the study you’re interested in
  5. Click on Contact

We will send an email to the study’s research team on your behalf. If they decide you’re eligible to become a test subject in their trial, they will contact you within several days and explain what you need to do next.

What Makes DoNotPay’s Clinical Trial Search Tool Special?

You can search our vast database of clinical studies based on estimated compensation, date and time, your location, preferences regarding placebo, clinical trial phase, and many other factors.

If you see a study that looks interesting, but it’s still not open for recruitment, bookmark it and monitor its progress from our app. Some trials get quite popular, and the spots are not guaranteed. DoNotPay can help you be the first in line and increase your odds of signing up successfully, even for the most sought-after studies.

Not many relevant clinical trials in your area? You don’t have to keep checking every day because DoNotPay can send you a text message when new studies become available in your vicinity.

Are Clinical Trials for Rheumatoid Arthritis the Right Choice for Me?

There are many factors that you should bear in mind before making your final decision about participating in a clinical trial for rheumatoid arthritis. Getting pertinent information and having clear expectations are crucial for your decision.

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and consider signing up for a clinical trial, it is pivotal to note that medical research and medical care are not the same. While medical care aims to do what is best for your condition by providing a personalized treatment plan that can be changed at any point, medical research focuses on answering questions about the disease or new treatment options.

The researchers will closely monitor your health status and react as soon as possible if you experience adverse side effects, but the research plan applies to all volunteers, and its flexibility is limited.

Each properly conducted clinical trial needs to secure informed consent from the test subjects. Providing relevant information to potential participants and answering their questions is crucial for the recruitment process, but the final decision is yours to make.

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up for Arthritis Clinical Trials

Healthy volunteers and arthritis patients who consider participating in clinical trials will receive a great deal of information by default, but it is a good idea to come up with a list of questions on topics that matter to you the most. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor or run the list by your friends and family.

While this table is not exhaustive, it can give you more ideas about what to focus on when discussing your participation with the researchers:

General Expectations

Financial Considerations

  • Will I have to travel?
  • How will participation affect my daily life?
  • How will it affect my ongoing health care?
  • Will I be subjected to any uncomfortable procedures?
  • Will I have to take care of any related expenses, and what are they?
  • Will the study sponsors pay for required medical care if I get harmed during the trial?
  • Is there financial compensation for participants? How big is the payout, and when to expect it?


Privacy and Confidentiality

  • How will my personal details be protected during the trial?
  • Will my biological materials and personal information be shared outside of the study?
  • How will I be affected if private information gets disclosed to others?

Additional Resources About Clinical Trials for Arthritis

In case you want to extend your research of available clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis or gain more knowledge about becoming a test subject for a clinical study, talk to your physician or check verified resources on the internet.

Other trusted search platforms include:

  1. ClinicalTrials (provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine)
  2. Clinical Research (trials organized by IQVIA)
  3. ResearchMatch (sponsored by the National Institutes of Health)

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