When and How To Revoke a Power of Attorney?

Create a Power of Attorney When and How To Revoke a Power of Attorney?

Revoke a Power of Attorney With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

Granting people the authority to handle your matters can be of great help in lots of situations. What about if you’d like to terminate your agreement? How can you revoke a power of attorney?

We’ll explain the process in detail. DoNotPay can help you create a power of attorney (POA) document smoothly next time you need it.

What Is a Revocation of a Power of Attorney?

A revocation of power of attorney is a legal document that cancels a POA. This document is created when the principal—the individual granting the power—doesn’t want or need the other person—the agent or attorney-in-fact—to act on their behalf anymore.

How To Cancel a Power of Attorney

While a POA agent can handle the defined financial, medical, property, or other matters on the principal’s behalf for a limited period, their legal powers can extend with many power of attorney types.

The granted powers will end in the following events:

Termination of Power of AttorneyExtra Information
With the termination dateIf a POA document specifies the termination date, the authority given to the agent automatically ends on that date
The principal becomes incapacitatedIf a principal becomes physically or mentally incapacitated, most POAs—including the general and financial ones—end. In this event:

  1. A springing POA becomes effective
  2. A durable power of attorney can take over
The agent steps downIf the agent cannot fulfill the defined obligations, they can stand down at any time
The principal diesIf the principal passes away:

  • A POA letter ends automatically
  • The agent loses the legal authority to manage the principal’s affairs
Revocation of POAA principal can revoke all POAs:

  • For any reason
  • At any time, i.e., even before the specified end date of the POA document

When Should You Revoke a Power of Attorney?

The principal can revoke a power of attorney for numerous reasons, including the following:

  • The specific POA purpose ended, e.g., the document served for the sale of a property that has been implemented successfully
  • The principal can handle all current affairs, i.e., doesn’t need help in a specific area anymore
  • The agent cannot act for the principal anymore because, for instance, the attorney-in-fact:
    • Dies
    • Divorces the principal (in case the spouse was appointed to act as the POA agent). In some states, e.g., Alabama, a POA is automatically revoked in this case
    • Isn’t in a position to continue with the specified activities and responsibilities
    • Proves to be unreliable, careless, or incapable. In this case, the principal can appoint another agent

How To Revoke a Power of Attorney

If the principal decides to revoke a power of attorney, they can do it:

  1. Verbally—By informing the agent that their POA is revoked. If you opt for a verbal revocation, you should:
    1. Do it in front of witnesses
    2. Make sure your state laws don’t require a written revocation
  2. In a written form—A written revocation may be the best way to avoid any misunderstanding and disputes even if your state regulations don’t mandate one

A Revocation of a Power of Attorney Template

To make a revocation of a power of attorney legally valid, the document needs to clearly state that a power of attorney is revoked. It should also include the following:

  1. The principal's name
  2. The agent's name
  3. The date the power of attorney:
    1. Took effect
    2. Is revoked

Be aware that most U.S. states require:

  • Both a POA and revocation document to be notarized
  • The principal to provide the revocation to:
    • The agent—You should also ask the attorney-in-fact to return all POA copies
    • Any third parties the agent had contact with, e.g., government, medical, financial, and insurance institutions
  • The revocation to be registered if the POA was also filed with a specific agency, e.g., land title or county clerk offices

While you can find POA revocation templates online, you should consult your state law to fill out the document correctly.

When you revoke one power of attorney document, you can make another to:

  1. Appoint another agent
  2. Cover other matters you need help with

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