Is It Possible To Revoke a Medical Power of Attorney?

Small Business Loan Request Letter Is It Possible To Revoke a Medical Power of Attorney?

Does the Law Allow You To Revoke a Medical Power of Attorney?

A medical power of attorney (MPOA) differs from a living will and health care proxy (in states that recognize its difference from the MPOA). An MPOA is legally binding, meaning that any breach of the document brings legal consequences.

Before you create a medical power of attorney (also known as a health care proxy in some states), you should know whether you’re able to revoke it if you change your mind about any detail you included. So, what does the law say—can you revoke a medical power of attorney?

DoNotPay answers your burning questions about revoking a medical power of attorney so you can decide whether you want to create yours!

Can a Medical Power of Attorney Be Revoked?

A medical power of attorney is no different than any other type of POA in terms of revocation. By law, you can revoke a medical power of attorney if you’re the declarant. You have several ways to do it:

Revocation MethodDetails
Revoke the document in writingYou can:

  • Complete a revocation form
  • Compose a written statement

Both the statement and form confirm that you are of sound mind and should contain the:

  1. Date the medical power of attorney was signed
  2. Name of your, now old, health care agent

Once you complete your revocation, you need to give it to everyone who has the (now revoked) MPOA

Verbally proclaim your revocationIf you are unable to submit a written revocation, you can express your wishes about terminating your MPOA to your assigned medical practitioner
Destroy the documentA medical power of attorney cannot be in effect if it does not exist. If no one has a copy of the document, you can destroy it to render it invalid
Sign a new medical power of attorneyEvery time you sign a new MPOA, the previous one becomes invalid, but you need to make sure that all people who had the old document get the new one as well

If you revoke an MPOA, you must ensure all copies of it are destroyed.

Who Can Request the Revocation of a Medical Power of Attorney?

Only the declarant can revoke their medical power of attorney, and they can do so:

  • If they are of sound mind and able to communicate their intent of revocation
  • At any given moment before the MPOA takes effect (before the declarant becomes incapacitated)
  • After they recover from a condition that made them unable to express their wishes

What Happens After You Revoke a Medical Power of Attorney?

After you revoke the MPOA, you can create a new one and:

  • Designate a new health care agent (and up to two alternate ones)
  • Express your latest wishes regarding medical treatment

When creating any advance health care directive, you want the process to be:

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