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File a Restraining Order Request a Restraining Order in NJ Online in 5 Minutes

A Step-by-Step Guide to Requesting a Restraining Order in NJ

If someone you know or don't know is following you around, you might have a stalker. The end of a relationship can leave you feeling scared if your former partner gets violently angry. It's also possible that someone has already physically hurt you or damaged your personal belongings in a fit of rage.

These acts can leave you frightened and unable to cope. You need to seek a restraining order in NJ when this happens to restore your peace of mind and keep the person away from you. If you've never had to deal with a similar situation, the legal process can be overwhelming. By partnering with DoNotPay, you can enjoy success without a lot of frustration and stress.

What Is a Restraining Order?

Issued by a judge, a restraining order is granted to an individual who has a legitimate reason to fear another person. It's an actual legal document that outlines how the other person can or cannot contact and prohibits them from coming within a certain distance of you in person.

It's designed to protect you from another person. However, you must prove that the other person is an actual threat to you. You can't get a restraining order in NJ against your boyfriend because you broke up. The person needs to have threatened you or harmed you before in some way.

Reasons to Get a Restraining Order

To get a restraining order, you must present a compelling reason to the judge so that they issue one. These need to be concrete reasons, and you must present evidence. In many cases, the person you want to take out a restraining order against can come to court and present an argument against a restraining order. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • A domestic violence situation
  • Someone has made threats by email or social media
  • A former employee that makes threats against an old boss or the company
  • Someone who has already hurt you or committed an act of violence against you

How Long Does a Restraining Order Last?

You can expect a judge to issue a restraining order for about a year. If at the end of that time, you still feel the person is a direct threat to you, you can petition the judge to extend the restraining order in New Jersey. The judge might extend for another year or possibly, make it a permanent restraining order. Once again, the other party can come to court and argue against an extension.

What Happens if a Restraining Order Is Violated?

If you have a restraining order against someone, and they violate it, they are in Contempt of Court. The police will arrest them if you call officers to the scene. The person will need to see the judge who issued the order and could jail them or hit them with a fine for violating the restraining order.

How to Get a Restraining Order in New Jersey by Yourself

In New Jersey, you don't necessarily need to hire an attorney to ask for a restraining order on your behalf. Many court offices have paperwork available for you to fill out to get a restraining order. Here's a look at some steps:

  1. With the evidence available, you need to fill out the paperwork for a restraining order.
  2. File the paperwork in the county where you live. You need to file it with the Clerk of State Court.
  3. Appear in front of the judge and plead your case.

Solve the Issues of Getting a Restraining Order in New Jersey With the Help of DoNotPay

Time is of the essence when you're frightened and scared that another person is going to hurt you. You need to get a restraining order in New Jersey without a lot of hassle or obstacles to slow you down. The DoNotPay app is always ready to help you take the first step in securing your safety.

How to apply for a restraining order with the help of DoNotPay:

  1. Search for relationship protection on DoNotPay.


  2. Answer a few easy questions on our File a Restraining Order product.


  3. Submit the form and you’re done!


DoNotPay will compile for you the forms you need to fill out and give you detailed instructions for how to file for a restraining order in your jurisdiction. Stay safe!

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies/Entities/Groups With the Click of a Button

When you're considering filing for a restraining order in New Jersey, you might want to do a little more research about them. DoNotPay wants to be your trusted partner in filing for a protective order and offers a lot of information on the topic along with specifics for other states.

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