Easily Obtain a Restraining Order in Indiana Without a Lawyer

File a Restraining Order Easily Obtain a Restraining Order in Indiana Without a Lawyer

File a Restraining Order in Indiana Fast

If someone is disrupting your life to the point where you are concerned about your safety or the safety of your family, you may be wondering how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. DoNotPay has gathered all the information you need to know to get a restraining order in Indiana against those who intend you harm. We understand how important it is to have peace of mind, safety, and security and we want to help you by providing all the right answers.

What Is a Restraining Order and How Do They Work?

If you feel you need protection from someone, you probably have a lot of questions as to how the whole process works to obtain an Indiana restraining order for harassment. You may have questions such as:

  1. What's the difference between a protective order vs a restraining order in Indiana?
  2. Is a Lake County, Indiana restraining order the same as a restraining order in Indianapolis, IN?
  3. How do you check the restraining order status in Indiana?
  4. How much does a restraining order in Indiana cost?

A restraining order is a written command issued by a judge that instructs a certain individual to refrain from certain types of behavior. These orders are also referred to as a protective orders.

What types of situations may call for a Restraining Order?If someone has been physically violent towards you, or you fear someone may try to inflict violence on you or a member of your family, you may want to obtain a restraining order against them. If someone has repeatedly threatened or harassed you or a member of your family, these are also scenarios where you may want protection.
What proof will I need to file?To get a restraining order filed in Indiana, you must meet certain criteria. These criteria are as follows:

  • You must provide proof that the other person physically injured you, OR
  • The other person puts you in fear of becoming physically injured by them.
When can I file a Restraining Order?It's important to consider the criteria above when determining when you can file a restraining order against someone. As an example, when it comes to stalking, Indiana doesn't consider a single event of stalking as sufficient proof that you deserve protection from an order, no matter how fearful you are because of that one event.  So in this scenario, you can't file an order against someone who stalked you one time.

If you do have proof that someone physically harmed you, i.e., medical records, police report(s), photos of your injuries, even one time, or if you have multiple text messages, voice mail records, emails, etc. that can support your fears of becoming injured, then you should be able to file a restraining order at any time.

What happens if a person violates a Restraining Order?According to the public court's website of Indiana, if the respondent (the person against whom you filed) violates the restraining order, you should do the following:

  1. If you feel in immediate danger from this person, call 911 right away.
  2. Otherwise, make notes of the place, date, and time where the interaction with your antagonist occurred. If possible, try to obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  3. Write down the details of the event.
  4. Next, contact your local law enforcement officials to make a report of the incident.
  5. In addition, you can also file for contempt in the court where your order was first issued.

How to Get a Restraining Order in Indiana With the Help of DoNotPay

We understand how overwhelming the process of trying to get an Indiana restraining order might be, especially when all you want to do is find someplace safe where you can live your life in peace and safety. While we want to be clear that DoNotPay can not create a legal restraining order for you, (restraining orders can only be issued by a court of law), we can help you with the process of obtaining a restraining order in your state.

If you would like DoNotPay to help you with the process of filing a restraining order, simply follow the 4 easy steps below:

  1. In the search feature of DoNotPay, enter the words, "relationship protection". 
  2. Next, our File a Restraining Order product will ask you to answer a few simple questions. 
  3. After answering the questions, simply submit your form and you're done. 
  4. What happens next? We'll check your state's requirements and gather the forms you need to fill out. We'll also provide clear instructions on how to file for a restraining order in your particular jurisdiction.

Obtaining a Restraining Order - DoNotPay Works Across All States

Not only did we research how to get a restraining order in Indiana, but DoNotPay has also done research in other states as well. It shouldn't matter the state in which you reside, you and your family have a basic right to safety and security no matter where you live. If you or someone you know needs help in other states, please click on one of the links below to find more helpful information about how to get a restraining order in one of these other popular states:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do for Me?

We hope we have provided useful information about restraining orders and Indiana rules for executing them. DoNotPay wants to help you and your family in other ways as well.  Listed below are some other ways DoNotPay can help you resolve issues that may occur from time to time. Please click on one of the links below to find out more about:

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