Request a Restraining Order in Colorado Without a Lawyer

File a Restraining Order Request a Restraining Order in Colorado Without a Lawyer

Get a Restraining Order in Colorado Fast

There are many disputes and issues that only a court of law can sort out for people. One of those issues is when someone is being harassed by another person. They need the law to get involved in those circumstances because they can't be asked to continue to put themselves in danger forever.

The law should step in and protect them from someone who is trying to do them harm, and that is what getting a restraining order in Colorado is all about. The court will state that one person must legally remain away from another. If you need a restraining order against someone but aren't sure what steps you need to take, DoNotPay is here to help you. 

What Does a Restraining Order Actually Do?

People often wonder how useful a restraining order can really be. They may feel that the pressure that they are constantly under from the person who is harassing them will never end, no matter what. However, there are some remedies that one might take via the courts to alleviate some of this pressure. A restraining order can:

  1. Legally require one person to stay a certain distance away from another
  2. Require the offender to remain a certain distance away from a building or dwelling where their victim lives or works
  3. Establish penalties for violating the order (such as being arrested)

A restraining order can help the individual who gets it establishes a set of legal barriers between themselves and the person who has been harassing them. It is a way of getting back some peace of mind that you will finally have your life back and that the person who is harassing you won't have the ability to continue conducting their illegal behavior. You deserve to have the freedoms that are a right given to you, and someone continuing to harass you is not acceptable in our society. 

Obtaining a Restraining Order in Colorado

It is not simple to get a restraining order, and the courts have set it up that way on purpose. They want to ensure that only people who legitimately need protection from their harassers are able to get a restraining order in Colorado. This means that you will need to follow the legal procedures to the letter in order to get the restraining order that you seek. To do so, make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Complete all appropriate restraining order forms.
  2. File those forms with the court.
  3. Get a temporary protection hearing.
  4. Complete the personal service of the order to the other party (you may use a third party to do this).
  5. Get a permanent orders hearing.

This means that you will have to return to court multiple times to prove your case that someone is harassing you and that you require protection from the state to get them to stop. You must also serve the restraining order forms to the person that you are getting the order for. You are permitted to use another person to serve those forms to your harasser if you feel threatened to be near them (and you probably do). After all of that is done, the order goes into effect, and you are protected to the extent that the law can keep you safe in these matters. You will probably feel some sense of relief, but it might also be frustrating to you to know that you had to put in that level of work just to get a much-needed restraining order. That is why DoNotPay has looked for ways to simplify the process. 

What Qualifies for a Restraining Order In Colorado

In Colorado, there are three forms of civil domestic violence protection orders, which are explained below.

Temporary (ex parte) Protection OrdersIf the court feels you are in urgent danger, he or she may issue a temporary (ex parte) protection order.
Permanent Protection OrdersWhen both you and the abuser return to court for the hearing after the issuance of a temporary restraining order.
Emergency Protection OrdersLocal police enforcement can obtain an emergency protection order if they believe that an adult is in immediate and present danger of domestic abuse, assault, stalking, or sexual assault/abuse, or if a minor child is at imminent risk of an unlawful sexual crime or domestic abuse (based upon an allegation of a recent actual or threatened unlawful sexual offense or domestic abuse).

What Is the Process for DoNotPay? 

DoNotPay has created its own streamlined process for helping people in need of a restraining order. They believe that using their method can help people get the assistance that they require much faster and with fewer headaches in getting a restraining order in Colorado or even in California, Florida and Texas.

How to apply for a restraining order with the help of DoNotPay:

  1. Search for relationship protection on DoNotPay.


  2. Answer a few easy questions on our File a Restraining Order product.


  3. Submit the form and you're done!


And that's it! DoNotPay will compile for you the forms you need to fill out and give you detailed instructions for how to file for a restraining order in your jurisdiction. Stay safe.

DoNotPay Does Good in Other Ways as Well 

The services provided by DoNotPay to help people get a restraining order when they need one are truly incredible. Without this easy-to-use service, some people simply would not obtain a restraining order at all. This could leave some in danger from their harassers for far longer than they should. That is scary, and it means that there are a lot of people who could be harmed even more than they already have been by people who wish to inflict pain upon them. Obviously, all of this is less than ideal, and that is why DoNotPay does what they do. If you need more help about restraining orders in CO, the following topics might interest you.

They don't stop at just helping people with restraining orders, though. They are also known for helping out with the following services:

Each of these services is something that DoNotPay has put a considerable amount of time and effort into. They know that these are common problems that people face, and they want to help them get through these issues as easily as possible. Obviously, it is challenging at times to deal with certain bureaucratic issues, but at least there are people at DoNotPay who are looking to make it a little easier. Trust them to help you get the job done. 

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