How to Create Requirements Documents without a Lawyer?

Create Requirements Documents Easily with This Template

If you are starting a new project, you realize how valuable requirements documents are. To define and communicate everything clearly, you should find a reliable requirements document template. 

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What Are Requirements Documents?

Requirements documents are used to define the project objectives. Project aims need to be expressed concisely and clearly so that all project stakeholders can understand them. 

You can create a requirements document for service, product, or system projects. The format of a requirements document depends on the:

  • Type of the project
  • Project expected outcomes
  • Specific project requirements 

In most cases, a requirements document refers to a business requirements document (BRD). There are also other types of requirements documents a company might use during the project implementation. 

Who Creates Requirements Documents?

Different stakeholders should contribute to the creation of requirements documents for any future project equally. Everyone should be in charge of writing their parts. Once the document is finalized, all stakeholders should review it and add any necessary changes. 

Here are potential creators of requirements documents:

  • A customer/client is the one in charge of defining the requirements since their needs are the basis of the project
  • A business analyst should discover all requirements or problems and propose solutions
  • A project manager is in charge of delivering the solution
  • A system analyst uses information technology, analyses, and designs to fulfill the requirements 
  • A marketing manager envisages the marketing strategy in line with the project requirements 
  • A product manager defines all project aspects for the development team to build

Requirements Documents and Supporting Contracts

can provide documents you can use together with your requirements documents. We can provide an NDA, lease agreement, or bill of sale. The lease agreement can be useful should you decide to rent business premises for your new projects. 

Requirements Document Templates

There are different types of requirements documents. Here is a list of some:

Requirement DocumentExplanationParts
Business Requirements Document (BRD)BRD outlines the problems the project is trying to resolve by providing business requirements connected to the customer’s needs
  • An outline of the project’s requirements 
  • Project objectives
  • A needs statement 
  • Financial statements
  • Functional characteristics and requirements 
  • A business SWOT analysis in relation to the project
  • Personnel needs
  • Schedule, timeline, and deadlines
  • A cost-benefit analysis
Functional Requirements Document (FRD)FRD determines how the project/system will accomplish the requirements listed in the BRD 
  • The detailed functionality and intended behavior of the system expressed as activities, services, or functions agreed to be provided
  • Mockups
  • Wireframes
Market Requirements Document (MRD)MRD focuses on the needs of the target market by explaining the product, the target customers, and competitors
  • A definition of the target market
  • A list of market requirements the solution needs to fulfill
  • Success indicators for all requirements
  • A prioritized requirement list 
  • A product’s launch time frame
Technical Requirements Document (TRD)TRD provides the software, hardware, and platform requirements 
  • A project executive summary and background
  • Assumptions, risks, and factors that might impact the project
  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • References or a list of supporting documents
Software Requirements Specification (SRS)SRS includes system features and intended behavior
  • Product overview
  • Current system summary
  • Proposed procedures and methods 
  • Design and security considerations

Additional Types of Requirements Documents

A product requirements document (PRD) template includes the following components:

  • Product objectives
  • Features
  • User experience flow and design notes
  • Requirements of the system and environment
  • Assumptions, constraints, and dependencies 

A PRD specifies what should be included in a product release and how a user understands what a product should do. 

Other types of requirements documents are:

  • User Interface Requirements Document (UIRD)
  • Quality Requirements Document
  • Customer/Client Requirements Document

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