How To Quickly Report Rat Sightings In Chicago

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Reporting Rat Sightings In Chicago

Once a huge health and safety hazard in Chicago, rats were aggressively pursued until the city was able to get the population under control. Should you see rats in Chicago, reporting the sightings is highly important to the health and safety of city residents. Chicago 's Bureau of Rodent Control is tasked with ensuring every sighting that is reported gets thoroughly investigated. Find out how rat sightings can be reported in Chicago and why it is so important that they are. Then continue reading to find out how products from can handle this and other time-consuming and confusing tasks on your behalf.

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Why Is Reporting Rat Sightings So Important In Chicago?

Rats and rodents have always posed a health and safety hazard. More than just a nuisance, these vermin actively spread illness. Chicago has managed to greatly reduce the population of rats by continuous monitoring of alleys and trash containment and through aggressively rodent baiting known and suspected nests. Remaining vigilant is the only way to keep the number of rodents down.

What Is Rodent Baiting?

The Bureau of Rodent Control is a division of the Streets and Sanitation department dedicated to rodent population control. One of the bureau's most critical activities is rodent baiting. When nests and burrows are found, rodent bait stations filled with rodenticide are placed in and around these areas. This is known as rodent baiting.

How You Can Report Chicago Rat Sightings On Your Own

If you spot these disease-carrying critters or identify high-risk conditions, making a report allows the bureau to take action. Do your part to help Chicago maintain control over the rat population. Here is how to report rat sightings.

OnlineCHI 311 allows you to interact with non-emergency services in the city of Chicago. The site allows you to explore what non-emergency services are available, schedule non-emergency services, like rodent baiting, and track non-emergency service requests.
PhoneCalling 311 allows you to explore, track, and schedule non-emergency services from your mobile phone.

What Should Be Reported?

If you see rats, the sighting should be reported including as much information as possible, such as how many, their location, where they came from, and where they went. Conditions that contribute to rodent problems should be reported as well. Such conditions include damaged garbage dumpsters and uncovered or exposed trash. Exposed trash becomes a food source that allows the vermin to thrive. If rats cannot feed, they cannot breed. When exposed garbage is removed as a food source, they have no choice but to eat the rodenticide provided. Suspected nests or burrows must be scheduled for rodent baiting as soon as the issue is identified.

Reporting Chicago Rat Sightings Using DoNotPay

The City Repairs product from DoNotPay makes successfully reporting rat sightings in Chicago quick and easy. If you want to file a city repair report but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

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Why Use DoNotPay To Report Rat Sightings In Chicago?

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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