How to Report a Bad Landlord

Landlord Protection How to Report a Bad Landlord

How to Report a Bad Landlord the Easy Way

Tenant and landlord relationships are governed by state landlord-tenant laws, lease agreements, and applicable federal laws. However, the existence of laws does not mean the relationships between tenants and their landlords are always smooth. Unfortunately, some tenants do not know where or how to report a bad landlord.

You can file a bad landlord report with several agencies depending on the Landlord-Tenants laws in your state. Although the process of reporting bad landlords may vary slightly from state to state, most state laws allow you to report the landlord to the Rental Protection Agency, HUD, the local police or the local Department of Health.

However, reporting a bad landlord on your own may be time-consuming and tedious. If you want to save time and get speedy and positive results, you can use the DoNotPay landlord protection platform to report the landlord.

What Are My Rights as a Tenant?

As a tenant, you have a right to:

  • A habitable home. The landlord has to ensure the rented house has running water, heat, is clean, safe from pests, and has other basic things that make a house habitable
  • Repairs, which means the landlord is responsible for repairs
  • Get back your deposit within time as stipulated by the Landlord-Tenant laws of your state
  • Lawful eviction, meaning a landlord is prohibited from self-help evictions, neither can you get evicted for reporting your landlord to the BBB
  • And a right to report a bad landlord

How to Report Bad Landlord by Yourself

Most states require you to follow the steps below when reporting a bad landlord.

Send a Notice

You are required to formally complain to the landlord about the issues you want to be rectified. The notice should be in writing and sent through certified mail. After notifying the landlord, give them time to attend to the issues. If the landlord does not respond positively, you can file a complaint with the relevant agencies.

How to File a Complaint

You can file a complaint with the state's department of health, the department of housing and urban development, or the municipal agency that deals with housing in your local area. Most of the agencies can be contacted through the telephone, website, or email. After filing a complaint, the relevant agency will investigate your allegations and compel the landlord to rectify the state of the rented property.

Although you can report a bad landlord by yourself, you may encounter the following challenges:

  1. Difficulty in getting in contact with the relevant agencies or identifying the right agency to report to
  2. Spend too much time filling forms and making follow-ups
  3. The agencies may require you to follow repetitive and tedious processes when filing your complaints.

To avoid the above challenges, you can use the automated DoNotPay Landlord Protection platform when reporting a bad landlord.

How to Report Bad Landlord in Florida

Most states use a similar method of reporting a bad landlord. In Florida, for instance, you can report a bad landlord to the Department of Health, or the Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, before you report the landlord, you are required to notify the landlord of the issues you want corrected or repaired.

When notifying the landlord:

  1. Ensure the notice is in writing
  2. Accompanied by photographs
  3. And is sent to the landlord via certified mail to serve as evidence the landlord received the complaints.

How to Report a Landlord Anonymously in Missouri  

Some states also give tenants the option of remaining anonymous when reporting a bad landlord. In Missouri, for instance, you can report a bad landlord to HUD without revealing your identity. HUD will investigate the complaint and ask the landlord to fix the issues.

How to Report Bad Landlord with the Help of DoNotPay

If you want to report a bad landlord but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Search for and open the Landlord Protection product on DoNotPay.


  2. Select which issue applies to you.


  3. Answer a simple set of questions so our chatbot can collect the necessary information to create your demand letter.


  4. Choose whether you want DoNotPay to send the demand letter to your landlord or roommate on your behalf. If you already tried sending a demand letter and it didn't work, we can help you start the small claims court process.


And that's it! You should hear back from your landlord directly once your demands are sent.

Why Use DoNotPay to Report a Bad Landlord

The DoNotPay Landlord Protection platform provides you with a fast, easy, and successful way of reporting a bad landlord. The good thing with DoNotPay is that you do not have to leave your home or search where to report the landlord.

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DoNotPay not only helps you report bad landlords, but also assists you in doing the following:

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