The Ins and Outs of a Repayment Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents The Ins and Outs of a Repayment Agreement

The Scoop on a Repayment Agreement

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What Is a Repayment Agreement, and Why Should You Make One?

A repayment agreement is a document used in circumstances when a tenant needs to repay unpaid rent to avoid eviction. These tenants normally can’t afford to pay out the rent in a lump sum, so they give the money back in installments as agreed with the landlord in the repayment agreement.

If you are a tenant, you should consider negotiating a repayment agreement because it is a good way of avoiding legal action against you. Most landlords will be more open to creating a repayment agreement than going to court right away.

A well-written repayment agreement will ensure that both parties of the contract are satisfied with the end results.

What Information Should a Repayment Agreement Include?

When creating a repayment agreement, you need to include all the important information. The document must be in writing and have the following details:

  1. Personal information of all parties—names, addresses, and phone numbers
  2. The amount of money to pay back
  3. Interest being charged—rates and amounts, if any
  4. Duration of the agreement—the precise date of when the repayment starts and ends
  5. The amount of each payment—the exact sum the tenant needs to pay for each installment
  6. Unexpected situations and late payments—consequences and solutions
  7. Signatures of all the parties involved—proof that the parties have read and agreed to the terms stated in the document

All parties need to have a copy of the final agreement and always know what the remaining amount of money owed is in case a dispute arises.

Are There Any Rules on the Repayment Amounts?

A landlord cannot set any repayment amount they wish—there are rules that should protect the tenant in these situations. The repayment amount is determined by the tenant’s income. This sum of money plus the original rent amount must not exceed 40% of the adjusted monthly income for the household.

What Happens if the Tenant Stops the Payments?

The document should make it clear what happens in case the tenant breaches the agreement by not fulfilling their duties. You can add a termination clause that states the consequences of such actions. If the tenant does not have a proper explanation for not paying back the money, the landlord will probably need to evict them. 

Landlords also have the option of taking the case to court if the tenant causes any further problems. Since the repayment agreement’s purpose is to prevent that situation, a tenant breaching the deal will leave the landlord with little choice.

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