Why Is Renting Out a Room in Your House Agreement Necessary?

Standardized Legal Documents Why Is Renting Out a Room in Your House Agreement Necessary?

Renting Out a Room in Your House Agreement Made Simple

Letting a person occupy a room in your house without establishing the tenancy rules isn’t a good idea. Signing a legal document that reminds the renter of their duties and shields the rights of both parties is of utmost importance for keeping the relationship fair. This is why you should opt for renting out a room in your house agreement before you let anyone reside in your home.

If you aren’t acquainted with room rental agreements, we will dissect them for you and explain how to write one yourself. You will also learn the secret to getting the best ready-made personalized contracts on the market with DoNotPay’s Standardized Legal Documents feature!

Room Rental Agreements in a Nutshell

A room rental agreement is a contract between the residence owner and the person who wants to rent a room in their house. It features specific tenancy-related terms and policies and lists the responsibilities of each signing entity. These contracts are also a great option for tenants who rent someone else’s house or apartment but want to sublease a room to another person.

The two most common situations when you may consider signing a room rental agreement are:

  • You want to divide the household costs with the tenant
  • The tenant has their partner or guests over most of the time, and you want to cover them under the existing lease due to increased utility bills

What Elements Should a Proper Room Rental Agreement Cover?

Once you negotiate the terms with the tenant, you can start composing an agreement yourself. It’s recommendable to make a written room rental agreement rather than a verbal one since they carry more weight and are simpler to prove in court. 

You can be as specific as you want while creating the contract, but the document should at least be structured according to some standard guidelines. Below is the table with some sections you shouldn’t miss:



Information about the signers
  • Legal names
  • Contact information
Tenancy details
  • Tenancy term
  • Start and end date of the rental agreement
Property information
  • Full physical address of the residence
  • Room description
  • Other premises the new tenant can use
  • Off-limit spaces within the property
  • Parking availability
Rent details
  • Amount
  • Due date
  • Security deposit details
  • Penalties for late or missed rent
Utility bills
  • The way utilities will be divided
  • Payment method
House rules
  • Guests
  • Pet clause
  • Party policy
  • Noise clause
  • Smoking and alcohol clause
  • Other house rules
  • Notices
  • Insurance
  • House chores
  • Room maintenance and repairs
  • Potential damage and modifications
Other recommended clauses

Does a Room Rental Agreement Need Notarization?

Just like regular residential lease contracts, room rental agreements don’t need to be notarized to become enforceable. What makes them legally binding is the signatures of all parties involved. 

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