All About Renters' Rights In Hawaii

Landlord Protection All About Renters' Rights In Hawaii

5 Renters' Rights In Hawaii You Should Know

If you are a renter, it is important to know your rights so that you can protect them. Each state has its own laws concerning the landlord-tenant relationship. This article investigates , and then it discusses how you can find out your rights as a renter wherever you live quickly, easily, and successfully.

Landlord-Tenant Laws In Hawaii

, there is a landlord-tenant handbook that specifies the important rules and laws concerning the landlord-tenant relationship. The purpose of the handbook is to lay out the rights and responsibilities both parties have in an effort to avoid or mediate disputes. Hawaii makes every effort to maintain equal justice for both tenants and landlords. Here are some of the important terms laid out in the handbook.

  1. Landlords who wish to raise the rent requirement must provide 45-days notice for month-to-month rentals 15-days notice for week-to-week rentals.
  2. The landlord must make a detailed written inventory of the property providing a copy to the tenant prior to the tenant moving in.
  3. Landlords must provide two days’ notice before entering the rental unit.
  4. If there is a lease agreement and the property is sold, the tenant and the new owner are bound by the lease terms.
  5. Repairs for unsafe or unsanitary conditions must begin within three days of being reported. If not tenant can hire someone to make repairs and deduct from next month's rent with proper receipts.

Security Deposit Uses and Regulations in Hawaii

Security deposit uses.Some uses are to:

  • Remedy:
  • Tenant defaults
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Damages
  • Failure to return a key
  • Return unit to clean condition
  • Compensate tenant damages.
Rules and laws concerning security deposits.The deposit cannot exceed one month of rent. The landlord can use the deposit to compensate for repairs and back rent.

Within 14 days of the tenant leaving the property, the landlord must return the security deposit or the remainder of the deposit with an itemized list of the expenses the deposit was used to compensate.

If not received by the tenant within 14 days, the tenant is entitled to receive the full deposit back.

Find Out Your Renter’s Rights Using DoNotPay

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  5. Break your lease early

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