Learn What a Remodeling Contract Template Should Include

Standardized Legal Documents Learn What a Remodeling Contract Template Should Include

What Should a Proper Remodeling Contract Template Contain?

When organizing renovation works, you should fortify your collaboration with the contractor by signing a remodeling agreement. Having a legal document defining all related terms and conditions ensures a smooth relationship and helps both parties understand their duties.

People usually opt for having their agreements drawn up by lawyers, but this is an expensive solution. Why not save your hard-earned money for new furniture and supplies and write the contract yourself? We offer the best tips for drafting your contracts in a few clicks without online remodeling contract templates and costly services. 

What Is a Remodeling Contract, and How Does It Protect You?

A remodeling contract is an agreement between a property owner and the contractor who performs the remodeling works. It outlines the details of the project and lists all collaboration rules and the expectations of both parties. With strictly determined work regulations, this document prevents disagreements and misunderstandings between the parties involved.

Remodeling contracts also protect the parties in case one of them doesn’t comply with the proposed rules. If a dispute arises and results in a court proceeding, the signers can use this agreement as proof. 

What Elements Should a Valid Remodeling Contract Include?

Before composing a written agreement, it’s advisable to meet the other party and establish the terms and rules both signing entities agree on. Besides appropriate legal terms and language, a valid remodeling contract must include specific clauses listed below:

Information about the contractor and customer
  • Full legal names
  • Physical addresses
  • Contact info
  • Signatures of the parties involved
General contract information
  • Effective date
Remodeling project details
  • Property address
  • Description of the services provided by the contractor
  • Costs
  • Materials and supplies
  • Objects to be demolished
  • Objects to be built
  • Debris removal
  • Building permits
  • Names of all workers
  • Compensation insurance details
Remodeling project schedule
  • Start date of the project
  • End date of the project
Payment policy
  • The total price of the performed works
  • Amount of installment payments
  • Initial deposit details (it shouldn’t exceed 10% of the total remodeling cost)
  • Increment payments
  • Payment method
  • Payment schedule
Safety precautions
  • References to applicable laws that regulate safety measures during the remodeling in a particular state
  • Dealing with unforeseen situations
  • Potential remodeling plan modifications
Termination details
  • Termination reasons
  • Notice requirements
Other recommended clauses
  • Lien waivers
  • Warranty

Ensure that your contract is concise and comprehensible. Don’t use complicated expressions, and make sure your document is free from grammatical and spelling errors. Any mistake you make may cause the contract to become invalid, while unclear terms can lead to misunderstanding.

Does a Construction Remodeling Contract Have To Be Notarized?

A remodeling contract becomes legally binding as soon as both parties sign it. It typically doesn’t require notarization unless the regulations in your state specifically say so. Before you start drafting the agreement, check whether state laws require notarization and act accordingly. 

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