Unsure of What a Release Agreement Is? We Decipher It for You!

Standardized Legal Documents Unsure of What a Release Agreement Is? We Decipher It for You!

Learn the Ins and Outs of a Release Agreement

We are here to explain what a release agreement is and how it works. Putting your signature on a legal document makes it legally binding, so you should know precisely what you’re agreeing to before signing it. Don’t get confused—get informed!

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What Is a Release Agreement?

A release agreement—also known as a release form or waiver—is a contract signed between two parties to release one of the signers from liability. The parties usually sign the document after a specific damaging incident (financial, physical, or other).

One party releases the other from liability caused by the incident in exchange for something of value (most often money).

The parties involved are known as a:

  1. Releasor—the party receiving the payment and releasing the other party
  2. Releasee—the party at fault, being released from liability

When To Get a Release Agreement

Both the releasor and the releasee can propose a release agreement. The contract is primarily used:

Release agreements are beneficial to both parties because they help fix the issue efficiently. When it comes to the financial aspect, they are usually a better solution than the long and super expensive court procedures.

What Should a Release Agreement Include?

Before signing the release agreement, make sure to read it carefully and check whether the following sections are covered:

SectionWhat It Should Include
Names and addressesThe full names of both the releasor and the releasee with their principal addresses
ReleaseA clear statement that one party is releasing the other party from all claims, actions, disputes, debts, and liabilities related to the incident
Incident detailsA detailed description of the incident, such as the:

  • Time of the incident
  • Location of the incident
  • Cause and timeline
ConsiderationThe exact amount that the releasee will pay to the releasor in consideration for release
No admissionThe explanation that the agreement will not be construed as an admission of responsibility nor indicate that the releasor has any rights to legal action against the releasee
Final settlementThe thoroughly explained terms that both parties agree upon
Mutual understandingThe confirmation that both parties are entering the agreement voluntarily after carefully reading and reviewing the terms
Entire agreementAn understanding that this contract will supersede any other agreement, both written and verbal
Governing lawThe law that the agreement abides by
Date and signaturesThe signatures of both parties and the effective date of the agreement

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Do I Need To Get a Release Agreement Notarized?

Not every agreement needs to get notarized to be enforceable. A release agreement, however, should be notarized by a notary public.

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