All the Reasons To File for Divorce Analyzed by DoNotPay

Divorce Settlement Agreement All the Reasons To File for Divorce Analyzed by DoNotPay

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover—Reasons To File for Divorce

However traumatic and difficult the process is, divorce is still an accident waiting to happen in any marriage.

Every state now offers no-fault divorces, so in many cases, there is no need to find a special reason to file for divorce.

DoNotPay takes a look at the top reasons to file for divorce and brings you the best tips on keeping the process easy, cheap, and as painless as possible!

Is Divorce on the Increase?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, divorce rates across the U.S. are on the wane.

Measured as the number of divorces per 1,000 people, the national divorce rate developed as follows between 2010 and 2019:

YearDivorces & AnnulmentsPopulationDivorce or Annulment Rate per 1,000 People

No statistics are kept on the split between no-fault and at-fault divorces, but the majority of divorces are thought to be classified as no-fault.

What Grounds for Divorce Are Recognized by Law?

Most states recognize similar reasons for filing for at-fault and no-fault divorces.

The accepted grounds for divorce are generally as follows:

Divorce TypeGrounds
  • Cruelty (the most common)
  • Infidelity or adultery
  • Desertion or abandonment
  • Conviction of a felony resulting in a jail term
  • Impotence or inability to perform sexually
  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
  • Certified insanity of one spouse

The first two reasons are interchangeable, depending on individual state legislation

What Is Behind These Reasons?

The grounds for divorce that are stated in divorce papers do not necessarily tell the full story.

In many cases, a plaintiff or a couple will choose the most convenient label for their divorce petition, while the real reason for wanting a divorce lies elsewhere.

According to a study by the Austin Institute for The Study of Family and Culture, the most common reasons for starting divorce proceedings are:

  1. Infidelity—one or both spouses has an extra-marital affair
  2. Financial difficulties—not having enough money causes friction
  3. Breakdowns in communication—spouses lose the ability to solve problems by talking to each other
  4. Perpetual arguments or incompatibility—minor or major bones of contention are constantly front and center
  5. Physical deterioration of one spouse—long-term weight-gain or loss of attractiveness by one or both spouses
  6. Expectations not being met by one spouse—one or both spouses fail to live up to the ideals of the other
  7. Breakdown of intimate relations—sexual activity or intimate moments no longer play a part in the relationship
  8. Imbalance or unequal rights—one spouse feels they are an unequal partner
  9. Unpreparedness or immaturity—one or both spouses married too young or without adequate thought
  10. Abuse—physical or mental abuse is part of the relationship

Whatever the reason for seeking a divorce, the best route is to end the marriage as quickly, painlessly, and inexpensively as possible so that both spouses can move on with their lives.

How Can You Keep Divorce Fallout to a Minimum?

Once you have decided that you have a valid reason for divorce, your best course of action is to get the process done and dusted as efficiently as possible.

Divorce can involve huge drains on your time, money, and mental health. The best route you should look for is the one that:

The best way to achieve this is to work with your spouse towards a no-fault, uncontested, or friendly divorce.

Some costs are inevitable, including:

  • Filing fees—These can range from $75 to $435, depending on where you live
  • Service costsServing divorce papers on your spouse usually costs around $50

Apart from these costs, your divorce does not need to be expensive if you and your spouse collaborate.

The most important item for you to work together on is setting up your divorce settlement agreement.

How To Set Up the Perfect Divorce Settlement Agreement

Your divorce settlement agreement is the deciding factor in your divorce being classified as uncontested.

The agreement is a legal document that sets out how your responsibilities should be divided after your divorce, including:

If you can present a comprehensive settlement agreement to the court before your case reaches trial, you should be able to finalize your divorce out of court and in the shortest possible time.

You can use the following resources to set up your divorce settlement agreement:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Online services
  3. DoNotPay


You and your spouse can hire attorneys to negotiate and draw up your settlement agreement, but your costs may explode.

Lawyers charge up to $400 per hour and, often, a hefty upfront retainer. The total cost of letting lawyers set up your settlement agreement can easily exceed $4,000.

If you and your spouse need help ironing out minor details in your agreement, you could consider using a mediation service as an alternative. A trained mediator can help you navigate face-to-face negotiations with your spouse at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer.

If the two of you agree on everything, a lawyer could be a waste of money.

Online Services

Many companies offer online settlement agreement templates for you to fill out.

You should be wary of this solution, though—many of these templates are too generic to cover your exact needs, and some may even be inadmissible under your state’s legislation.


DoNotPay can solve these problems.

Using our service, you can create a watertight and comprehensive document to your exact specifications with zero lawyer fees involved!

DoNotPay Helps No Matter What Your Reason for Divorce!

Whatever has led to you wanting a divorce, we are here to help you through it!

Our Divorce Settlement Agreement feature is designed to give you the document you need to keep your divorce quick, cheap, and hassle-free!

We can generate a settlement agreement that ticks all the boxes in a few clicks—all that you need to do is sign it together with your spouse.

To set your agreement up, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up with DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Click on our Divorce Settlement Agreement feature
  3. Fill out the details of your agreement with your spouse

DoNotPay will handle the rest—once we have collected all the points you want, we will create your agreement in no time. You can sign it together with your spouse and have it notarized.

Even if you don’t know where to find a notary, there’s no need to worry—our online notarization service can get your documents signed and sealed in a flash!

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