What Are Valid Reasons for Marriage Annulment?

Annul My Marriage What Are Valid Reasons for Marriage Annulment?

What Are Legally Valid Reasons for Marriage Annulment

Annulment is a legal process for declaring a marriage invalid under the laws of the state's jurisdiction. Unlike in a divorce, the marriage is considered as if it had not taken place in the first place. This means that your legal status on official forms will be regarded as single rather than divorced. While most spouses choose to divorce, an annulment is better since you will deal with fewer issues. For instance, you will not have to deal with property division conflicts since the marriage is regarded as though it had never existed.

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On What Grounds Can I Get an Annulment?

Even though an annulment has many advantages, it is more complicated to obtain as compared to a divorce. This is because you will have to satisfy some legal reasons for the marriage to be considered null. The following are reasons that can get your marriage nullified:

1. Fraud or Hidden Facts

For instance, when a spouse gives false information regarding their ability to give birth as well as their age. It also applies when a spouse conceals that they were married before and divorce was never made. The marriage can also be nullified when one hides facts regarding their addiction to drugs, health-related complications, a served sentence in jail, or involvement in criminal activity, just to mention a few.

2. Inability to Consummate the Marriage

When one spouse refuses to have sex with the other, this can be used as a basis to get a marriage nullified. However, it is essential to note that someone can say no, and his or her decisions should be respected. This condition only applies when the couple has never had sex, not simply when one is denied on an occasional basis.

3. The Inability of Couples to Understand Each Other

Misunderstandings between married people are one of the common reasons couples seek to terminate their marriage. For instance, when one partner desires to have children while the other does not.

4. Forced Marriage

If either you, your partner, or both of you were forced to marry without consent, then the marriage can be considered invalid. The union can get nullified based on the terms that it was conducted without consent.

5. Underage Marriage

If you were married while you still had not reached the minimum age required by your state to get married, you could apply for an annulment, especially if both of you don't want to be together.

6. Mental Illness or Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

If you suffered from mental illness or were under drug or alcohol intoxication, your marriage can be considered void since you were not in your right mind when agreeing to it.  It is vital to note that you will have a far much greater chance if you have been married for a short time. Most marriages can be easily declared invalid if you decide to terminate after several weeks or months.

How Much Does an Annulment Cost?

Cases involving annulment can take up to a year or even more for the judge to pass a verdict, especially if the marriage lasted long. The duration of time the case lasts in court may also depend on whether both partners agree that they should nullify their marriage. The total amount a person is expected to pay in such cases ranges from $500 to $5000, or even more, depending on the state involved.

How DoNotPay Can Be of Help

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