Real Estate Sales Agreement in PA—Everything You Need To Know

Standardized Legal Documents Real Estate Sales Agreement in PA—Everything You Need To Know

Follow This Simple Guide To Write Your Real Estate Sales Agreement in PA

Buying a new home, as much as it’s exciting, can be stressful. The most important document you’ll need is the real estate purchase agreement. DoNotPay can help you write this legal document in no time.

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What Are Real Estate Sales Agreements?

A real estate purchase and sales agreement is a legally binding document entered into by two or more parties. The main parties are a buyer and a seller. This document records the transaction of real estate from one person to another.

The real estate sales agreement contains terms and conditions for the buyer and seller to follow during the property transaction. There are four types of real estate contracts:

  1. Purchase Agreement
  2. Real Estate Assignment Contract
  3. Lease Agreement
  4. Power of Attorney

Real Estate Sales Agreement in PA Explained

When a buyer fills out and signs a purchase and sales agreement in Pennsylvania, they are submitting an offer. Be sure to review the terms of your offer in detail so as not to make any mistakes. You can go over the agreement with your agent.

When you submit your offer, all you need to do is wait for the seller to countersign it. This is when the agreement becomes legally binding.

What Are the Contents of a Real Estate Sales Agreement in PA?

Some of the most important contents of the real estate sales agreement in PA are listed in the table below:



Buyer’s nameFull name of the buyer
Seller’s nameFull name of the seller
Brokerage and agent’s namesIf you’re purchasing your home with the help of a broker or a real estate agent, this section must contain their names
Purchase pricesThe predetermined price of the property that you might be able to negotiate with the seller
Earnest moneyThis section contains the amount of money the buyer gives to the seller to show good faith and honest intention of buying the house. You may not get this money back if you breach the agreement
Seller’s assistThe seller’s assist is a feature of mortgage loans, which may not be applicable to your specific case. The clause helps the buyer mortgage a part of the closing costs
Closing dateThe exact date of closing the deal and the amount of the closing costs
Inspection contingencyThe inspection contingency allows the buyer to check out the property before signing and closing the deal
Mortgage financing contingencyThis contingency allows the buyer to back out of the contract if they’re unable to get a loan to buy the house
Tenant occupied addendumThis section might not be applicable to your agreement. If this section is included in your contract, it might mean that you can’t check out the property because it’s occupied by a tenant
List of inclusions or exclusionsThe furniture that stays on the property, for example, a chandelier, a couch, a fridge, etc.

Real Estate Sales Agreement in PA—Required Disclosures

PA law requires the seller to provide the potential buyer a signed and dated copy of a property disclosure form. The property disclosure form must contain specific matters that are related to the condition of the property.

A seller isn’t liable if they aren’t aware of a defect or damage to the property. The specific information that must be disclosed to the buyer is listed below:

  • The time period during which the seller occupied the property
  • Roof
  • Basements
  • Termites or wood destroying insects, dry rot, or pests
  • Structural problems
  • Water and sewage systems or service
  • Any remodeling and structural changes to the property
  • Plumbing system
  • Heating and airconditioning
  • Electrical system
  • Appliances and furniture included in the sale
  • Soils, drainage, etc.
  • Hazardous substances
  • Potential legal issues that might affect the buyer’s decision

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