Draw Up a Real Estate Purchase Agreement in Michigan

Standardized Legal Documents Draw Up a Real Estate Purchase Agreement in Michigan

A Real Estate Purchase Agreement in Michigan—To Make or Not To Make?

Buying a house or any other property is a huge step, and you should be well-informed and confident before you take it. What is a real estate purchase agreement? What is the best way to draft this document? What should I include in my purchase agreement? We answer all of those questions and more!

to get the scoop on everything related to the real estate purchase agreement in Michigan, and learn how to draft one in no time!

Useful Info About the Purchase Agreement in Michigan

Purchase agreements in Michigan are used as contracts between the buyers and the sellers of real estate. The agreements outline the details and specifics of the transaction. 

Notarizing the real estate agreement isn’t mandatory, but notarization is a good way to strengthen your contract. Should any issues arise and the case is taken to court, a notarized agreement can be especially useful.

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Tips for Drafting a Michigan Real Estate Purchase Agreement Hassle-Free

Creating a real estate purchase agreement is super stressful and difficult. It takes a lot of time, attention, effort, and research. We jump in to help with a ready-made guide for you to follow and draw up your purchase agreement stress-free! You can also skip the hassle when writing other agreements by signing up for DoNotPay that will draft your legal documents for you! We draw up numerous agreements based on the info you provide to our chatbot in only a few minutes.

Here’s what you must include in your real estate purchase agreement when you’re writing it on your own:


What To Do

NamesState both your and the seller’s full name in the first section of your agreement
AddressesAfter you write down the names, ask the seller for his or her address and include it in the agreement
Legal DescriptionSpecify the legal description of the property, meaning its precise geographical location and boundaries
Price and Payment TermsSay what the purchase price of the property is and include the details regarding the payment, such as the payment:

  • Method
  • Amount
  • Terms
Title TransferYou should explain how the title will be transferred and state details such as:

  • Date of closing
  • The deed type used to transfer title (usually a warranty deed)
DatesInclude the date and say when you (the buyer) will take possession of the property
Personal PropertyIf there is any personal property included in the sale, such as furniture or appliances, list all such items in this section
Property TaxesDecide whether and how property taxes will be prorated
Closing CostsWho pays the closing costs—the buyer or the seller? Reach an agreement on this and state it clearly
ContingencyDiscuss what the contingencies that let a party exit the agreement are and explain them
SignaturesThe last step is for both you and the seller to read the agreement carefully and sign it

DoNotPay Drafts Your Agreements for You!

When research gets too overwhelming, and you wish for an easy way out, DoNotPay comes to the rescue! In only a few taps, you can have your agreement drafted and ready for signatures! It takes almost no time or effort, and all there is to do is follow three quick steps to gain access to your contract. This is how:

  1. in any web browser
  2. Type in the name of the document that you want
  3. Supply additional details, such as names and addresses

And you’re done! DoNotPay creates your agreement that you can either print or download. Don’t forget to sign the agreement and get the other parties to do the same.

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Learn How To Write Other Legal Documents on Your Own!

With DoNotPay, you can get help with more than drawing up the documents stated above! There is no shortage of agreements we can help you with by providing you with useful and accurate info and step-by-step instructions. 

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