Can a Real Estate Power of Attorney Make Your Life Easier?

Create a Power of Attorney Can a Real Estate Power of Attorney Make Your Life Easier?

What To Consider When Drafting a Real Estate Power of Attorney

Ensuring real estate transactions run smoothly often requires assistance. Should you prepare a real estate power of attorney document to buy or sell a property? Do you need to hire a lawyer to create one, or is there another way?

We provide valuable information and a Power of Attorney (POA) tool to help you generate the POA document easily.

What Is a Power of Attorney for Real Estate?

A power of attorney for real estate is a legal document that gives one person the power to manage, purchase, or sell real estate on behalf of another. The individual granted this power is called the agent or attorney-in-fact. The person giving the authority is called the principal.

This particular document can belong to one of the following power of attorney types:

  1. General POA—This type of a POA letter automatically ends if the principal dies or becomes incapacitated
  2. Durable POA—This POA type remains effective even if the principal becomes incapacitated
  3. Limited POA—The agent has the power to perform the specified real estate transaction(s) within a finite period

When To Use a Real Estate Power of Attorney

You could use a real estate power of attorney in various situations, including when you:

  • Live far away from the property you own
  • Cannot take care of your property for a certain period
  • Are unavailable for the signing real estate contracts and documents
  • Want to grant the authority to a person to manage your property because you are absent or unable to do it alone

You should prepare a straightforward document clearly defining the property in question and specifying the granted powers.

A Special Power of Attorney for Real Estate—What Authority Are You Granting?

A POA for real estate gives an agent the authority to act on the principal’s behalf in various property matters. Among other things, an agent can:

  • Purchase property insurance
  • Pay the principal’s property taxes
  • Grant an easement over the property
  • Buy, sell, lease, or mortgage a property
  • Pay or refinance the principal’s mortgage
  • Pay off any liens on the principal’s real estate
  • Organize any required maintenance or repairs
  • Manage lawsuits over the principal’s real estate
  • Build, reconstruct, or remove structures on the principal’s property

A POA document can limit the powers granted to an agent by listing all allowed and not allowed activities. For instance, a principal could state that their agent has the authority to manage the property but cannot sell or mortgage it.

If you’re worried about how much authority an attorney-in-fact will have, you should know that a POA agent needs to:

  1. Act in the principal’s best interests
  2. Represent the principal in an honest, accurate, and timely manner

When Does a Power of Attorney for Real Estate End?

A power of attorney for real estate becomes effective on the date specified in the document. It can end in the following circumstances:

Termination of a POA in Real Estate Additional Info
End dateIf the document specifies the termination date, the POA automatically ends on that date
The principal becomes incapacitatedWhile a general POA will automatically end in this event:

  1. A springing power of attorney comes into effect in this situation
  2. A durable POA remains effective even if the principal becomes mentally or physically disabled
The agent cannot performA POA ends if the agent:

  • Steps down
  • Cannot fulfill their obligations
DivorceIn many states, a POA document ends automatically if the principal divorces their spouse, who is the POA agent at the same time
RevocationThe principal can revoke a real estate power of attorney at any time for any reason

A POA also ends in the case either the principal or agent passes away.

Ensure Your Power of Attorney for Property Is Valid

Most financial institutions—including mortgage lenders and title companies—ask for a property power of attorney if you’d like someone else to handle real estate matters for you.

As a principal, you should make sure that the institutions your agent will have to deal with accept the POA document you have.

Some businesses might ask for a specific style or form, so you should check the requirements to avoid any potential issues.

How To Prepare a Power of Attorney

You can create a power of attorney in the following ways:

  • Alone—You can use online templates, but make sure you adjust them to your state POA requirements
  • Hire a lawyer—You may hire an experienced attorney to draft the document for you, but be aware that their services can be pricey
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