Create a Picture-Perfect Real Estate Photography Contract

Standardized Legal Documents Create a Picture-Perfect Real Estate Photography Contract

How To Create a Bullet-Proof Real Estate Photography Contract

Every real estate photographer needs to protect their work by signing an agreement with their clients. Terms such as payment and exclusivity rights have to be clearly specified to avoid any misunderstandings.

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What Is a Real Estate Photography Contract?

A real estate photography contract outlines the terms and conditions of a collaboration between a real estate photographer and a client. Using a contract when booking a real estate photography job is prudent because it:

  • Protects both parties
  • Documents the services, turnaround, and payment
  • Makes the collaboration legal

It would be a good idea to strengthen the document’s legality even further by having it notarized. DoNotPay can assist you in getting this and any other document notarized online!

How To Write a Real Estate Photography Contract

While real estate photography agreements can differ depending on the photographer’s and client’s requirements, they should all include specific sections. The table below contains a detailed description of each necessary paragraph:

Real Estate Photography Contract Sections


Information about the signersClient’s and photographer’s: 

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone number
Scope of workA detailed description of the service, including:

  • Address of the property (including the name or code of the property)
  • Scheduled date and duration of the service
  • Number of images to create
  • Extra services, such as twilight shooting or staging
  • Any particular requests of the client
Payment details
  • Payment schedule
  • Due dates
RequirementsAny demands that a photographer has over the preparation of the property before shooting, for example:

  • Clean rooms 
  • Personal items removal
  • Clean exterior and pool
Additional feesExtra costs involved in the service involve:

  • Travel expenses
  • Additional photos
  • Re-shoots
  • Overtime
  • Extra post-production
Product delivery Specifics about the time, nature, and method of delivery, such as:

  • Type of file the images will be delivered in
  • Method of transferring the files
  • Expected delivery time
  • Delivery of low-resolution photos for revision before the final product
  • Period during which a client can ask for a revision
  • Copyright ownership and rights
  • Photo credit requirements
  • License terms and rights granted
  • Period during which the photographer agrees not to publish the photos themselves
  • Client’s and photographer’s full name
  • Date of signing the agreement

Other Ways of Creating a Real Estate Photography Contract

If you don’t feel like writing a photography contract from scratch is right up your alley, you can explore the other two options:

  1. Hiring a lawyer to draw up the agreement
  2. Downloading an online contract template 

Check out the details of both methods in the table below:

Hiring an attorney to write a contractUsing an online contract template
Attorneys know all about state-specific legal requirements, so you can be sure the document will be enforceable in court. They will include all necessary sections and give you a ton of useful advice. 

The only downside is the price—lawyers are fairly expensive, so it is worth considering whether their services are necessary for every contract

While downloading an online contract template looks like a simple solution, it comes with many disadvantages. Free templates often contain grammatical and spelling errors or lack crucial sections, which is why you have to correct them after downloading. 

The best option would be to have a lawyer go over the contract after you finish customizing it. They won’t charge you as much for reviewing an already written document

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What Other Contracts Can I Create With DoNotPay?

to create many other documents from the following list:

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