How To Make a Real Estate Independent Contractor Agreement Fast and Easily

Standardized Legal Documents How To Make a Real Estate Independent Contractor Agreement Fast and Easily

Use DoNotPay To Create a Real Estate Independent Contractor Agreement in a Flash

If you don’t have the proper legal knowledge to create legal documents on your own, you shouldn’t worry. DoNotPay is here to help you with this task. Our app can draw up a real estate independent contractor agreement for you in a matter of minutes.

What Is a Real Estate Independent Contractor Agreement?

A real estate independent contractor agreement is a legal document made between a real estate agent (salesman) and a real estate company or broker. It is important to understand that a real estate salesman is an independent contractor and not the real estate company’s employee.

The real estate company usually provides the equipment and office space in exchange for a portion of the agent’s commission. According to the law, assistants and agents-in-training cannot have the status of an independent contractor. The agent needs to be a licensed real estate salesperson.

Real estate agent’s income must come from sales-related activities and not based on the hours worked. A real estate independent contractor agreement must state that the agent needs to be treated as an independent contractor for federal tax purposes.

How Are an Independent Contractor and an Employee Different?

In case you are unsure whether you fall under the employee or an independent contractor category, you should check out the table below for more details:

EmployeeIndependent Contractor
  • Works for an employer
  • Must sign an employment agreement
  • Signs up for long term cooperation
  • Has work and health insurance covered by a company
  • Enjoys the protection of several state and federal labor and employment laws
  • Is self-employed 
  • Signs up for short term cooperation
  • Is in control of what will be done and how
  • Needs to purchase the work and health insurance
  • Should sign an independent contractor agreement
  • Not covered by employment and labor laws

What Should a Real Estate Independent Contractor Agreement Include?

To make a proper real estate independent contractor agreement, you need to know what information this document should contain. Make sure to include the following:

  1. Personal information of the parties—The names, phone numbers, and addresses of the salesperson and the real estate company
  2. Duration of the agreement—The starting and ending date of the agreement
  3. Independent contractor’s rights and obligations
  4. Restrictive covenants—Forbidden actions (employing sub-agents or giving the impression that they are not affiliated)
  5. Real estate company’s or broker’s obligations—A clear set of rules the real estate company or the broker must follow (must split the commission with the independent contractor in accordance with the agreed-upon percentage, for example)
  6. Terms of termination—The consequences that ensue if the contract is breached
  7. Signatures of both parties—Names of the independent contractor and the broker or the company representative

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Use DoNotPay To Create a Real Estate Independent Contractor Agreement

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