How to Appeal a Reading Borough Council PCN

Appeal Parking Tickets in Any City How to Appeal a Reading Borough Council PCN

The Easiest Way to Appeal a Reading Borough Council PCN

Reading Borough is known for its retail and educational centre on the banks of the Thames and its historical background as the site of one of the largest monasteries. While Reading Borough has yet to achieve its city status, its vestige as a centre of beer, bulbs and biscuits, as well as commerce brings more tourists and occupants to the area each year. Unfortunately, Reading Borough's proximity to London and size means that it's highly likely that visitors and residents may be subject to Penalty Charge Notices while dealing with limited space and DoNotPay can help assuage PCN fees.

Besides Reading Borough Council PCNs, DoNotPay has compiled the best resources on paying PCNs, TFLs and the legality around them such as how long they may be issued after offences. In terms of UK jurisprudence, DoNotPay has guides for disputing parking fees in Birmingham and Islington. Should one travel outside the UK and face fines, DoNotPay also has resources for disputing parking tickets in major US cities like Chicago, LA, NYC, San Jose and Seattle.

No matter the location or situation, DoNotPay is here to add one's Reading Borough Council PCNs or fees issued elsewhere to the list of victories in traffic courts globally. 

Receiving a Penalty Charge Notice in Reading Borough 

What is a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)? What does receiving Reading Borough Council PCN entail? How can citizens contest or appeal to the council?

A Reading Borough Council Penalty Charge Notice is a traffic citation, or council-issued parking ticket assigned by the acting CEO (Civil Enforcement Officer), or sent later via post if it was noticed on CCTV and the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) sent out a ticket. Reading Borough Council parking tickets are sent at the council's discretion and are subject to appeals. 

Here are some facts about PCNs to keep in mind while evaluating how to proceed:

  • PCNs are civil offences for traffic contraventions, violations and other moving traffic offences.
  • Reading Borough Council parking tickets are issued by Reading Borough Council.
  • There is a 14-day discount to pay on the ticket, but Councils will say that people have 28 days to pay or decide whether to contest the tickets.
  • Whether you seek formal representation in the small claims track or wish to pay the discount, action must happen within 28 days.
  • DoNotPay the ticket within 14 days, or it is considered an admission of guilt.
  • The PCN is going to have a number, details about the contravention, information about who issued it and provide contact information as to how to pay it.
  • Nonpayment of a PCN and ignoring it can be considered a civil debt and spur legal consequences, but all citizens have a right to either pay or appeal PCNS.

Since Reading Borough Council issued a PCN within their territory, DoNotPay has information about how to connect with them.

Reading Borough Council can be reached in the following ways:

By postReading Borough Council, PO BOX 3011, Reading, RG1 9RY
By phone0343 357 1177 or

0118 937 3787

PCN online paymentPCN
Reading Borough Council Patrol SiteFAQs
Official PCN parking page for Reading Borough CouncilFines and PCN

Reading Borough Council's official site is currently closed to the public. They offer a survey to the public about PCN offences here.

How to Pay a Parking Fine in Reading Borough Council

Pay PCNS? Well, Reading Borough Council PCN appeals and paying them within 14 days are both options for anyone who receives this type of citation. Since the Reading Borough Council offices are presently closed, it's important to use the telephone, post and Internet to reach them to either pay or begin a dispute. There are plenty of options and the key part is making sure it's done within 28 days, whether it's being paid or disputed. 

Here's how to contact Reading Borough Council to pay PCNS:

  • Access their online portal and pay by keying in the information here 
  • Phone the office at this number (0118 937 3767) for the parking department.
  • Pay Penalty Charge Notices via the post and send cheques to

Reading Borough Council

PO BOX 3011



  • Always write the PCN number on the back of the cheque and do not send cash.
  • It's also possible to pay bus lane PCNs through the portal here.
  • To challenge the ticket as soon as possible, enter the self-service portal here.
  • Before contesting the ticket, check out the portal and review the codes to contest the ticket.

Is fighting a PCN in Reading Council Worthwhile? 

There are plenty of reasons to dispute excessive fines and tickets. Sometimes, taking the extra step to dispute them is worth the time, saves money and stops overzealous CEOs from issuing citations in future situations.

Here are the most common instances that make people dispute tickets in the UK:

  1. If you were parked correctly (in the correct zone and time) and the ticket was a mistake.
  2. It was your vehicle, but someone else was driving.
  3. The traffic offence is no longer enforceable and/ or the signs and designations surrounding the parking spot are unclear.
  4. You couldn't pay a meter or move a vehicle due to a disability, pregnancy, etc.
  5. Your car was waiting to be towed.
  6. The meter or spot only recently expired (being 5-10 minutes late to pick up the vehicle).
  7. The car had special permits or permissions to be parked in a zone at a particular time.

In cases where the council may extend leniency, it's always worth a chance at appealing the ticket. To begin, use DoNotPay to start the appeal or commence writing the appeal letter alone.

Getting Parking Tickets in the UK Overturned in 120 Seconds or Less 

The BBC has recently reported on how DoNotPay has handled 200,000 ticket cases and won them. Let's add your own citation to the list and get Reading Borough Council to dismiss the ticket.

Here's how to use DoNotPay to fight the ticket (minus actually mailing the letter generated):

  1. Sign in to the DoNotPay application. Head over to the 'Ticket Disputes' area. Click on the 'Parking Ticket' option.


  2. Use your phone to upload a copy of the PCN.


  3. Follow the prompts and give some reasons as to why the ticket is invalid.


  4. That's all you need to do! We will mail you a copy of the appeal letter for you to send and be on your way.


After those simple actions, let DoNotPay save you the trouble of crafting an appeal letter. You will become another person along with hundreds of thousands who have been helped by DoNotPay's mechanisms to dispute tickets.

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