Learn All About Puppy Sales Contracts

Standardized Legal Documents Learn All About Puppy Sales Contracts

What Are Puppy Sales Contracts, and Why Do You Need To Sign Them?

You are probably used to the idea of having to sign a legal document when purchasing a vehicle or renewing a lease—but do you need to sign a puppy sale contract when buying a pet?

You will need to deal with legal matters when you want to buy a puppy or a grown-up dog from certain types of sellers. Don’t let this stop you from welcoming a new furry addition to your family—DoNotPay can answer all your questions about puppy sales contracts!

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Do You Know What Puppy Sales Contracts Are?

A puppy sale contract is a legal document that contains clear terms of the agreement between a buyer and a puppy seller. These contracts are also called:

  • Puppy sale agreements
  • Breeder contracts

A puppy sale contract has plenty of similarities to a regular sales agreement because it details the terms and conditions of a purchase. Since it’s specific to buying and selling purebred puppies, it does contain clauses that confuse people who want to purchase a puppy from a breeder.

You shouldn’t be too perplexed at the prospect of having to go over a legal document when purchasing a purebred puppy. After all, deciding to buy a pet is not a small commitment, and you should be ready to take on the responsibility that that action entails. Signing a breeder contract before buying a purebred dog helps clarify your rights and the obligations that arise from the act.

Who Uses Puppy Sales Contracts and Why?

Almost all reliable breeders use puppy sale contracts when selling a dog that’s been in their care. There are many reasons why breeders do this. They want to make sure you will take proper care of the dog and heed their advice. Drawing up a breeder contract and having you agree to its terms is the breeder’s best bet you are ready to take on the responsibility.

Another more obvious reason why reputable breeders use puppy sales contracts is that it’s the only guarantee of a fair sale.

What Do the Specific Clauses in Puppy Sales Contracts Mean?

Puppy sales contracts include clauses that are specific to that type of sales agreement. Here’s what those sections are:

Sections in the Contract

The Information They Contain

Health clauseThis section details how and when the sterilization will be dealt with along with other health guarantees. You will need to take your dog to a vet as often as the contract states and probably inform the breeder when any changes to the dog’s health take place. It’s best to have both your vet and the breeder agree on the specifics of this clause
Puppy’s registration nameSince purebred puppies need to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), this section includes your puppy’s AKC registration name. The name is usually a combination of the breeder’s kennel name or is otherwise chosen by the breeder. You don’t have to call your puppy this name at home, but you’ll use the registration name when attending any AKC event
Return-to-breeder sectionEvery puppy sales contract needs to include a clause that details what happens when the dog’s owner is changed or when the buyer can no longer keep the dog
The show-versus-pet-dog clauseDogs that the breeder believes won’t grow to have show or breeding potential are called pet dogs. Whichever type your puppy is, your obligations will differ according to it, which is why this clause exists

Can You Rely on a Puppy Sale Contract Template?

You have countless contract templates available on the internet, including puppy sales contracts. Since no breeder will give you the same breeder contract, it’s best not to rely on these templates. 

All puppy sales contracts include:

  1. The breeder’s and buyer’s full names
  2. Information about the puppy, including sex, breed, and date of birth
  3. Purchase price

The breeder contract that you are signing may also contain additional clauses. For example, the seller may require that you send a photo of the puppy when they can’t see them at events. Breeders want to check whether the dog they sold is taken care of, and this is one way they can do that.

You should thoroughly review the puppy sales contract the breeder gives you and ask them for additional explanations if certain terms are unclear to you.

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