How To Get Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Virginia

Save More With Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Virginia

People struggling financially for various reasons should always look for possible ways to lower property taxes. States offer different solutions that can make a significant difference in the amount you have to pay. A good example is property tax relief for seniors in Virginia. DoNotPay can let you know if you qualify for this property tax exemption!

Why Is It Necessary To Pay Property Tax Each Year?

Every homeowner needs to pay property tax annually to help the state they live in function properly. The money you set aside for property taxes funds state institutions such as schools, hospitals, libraries, fire departments, etc.

The amount each property owner pays differs based on the value of their house. The tax assessor will have in mind the property’s age, size, and location. If the property and surrounding land have a high value, the property tax bill will be higher. The good news is that ways of lowering property tax exist.

Common Ways of Lowering Property Taxes in Virginia

You should always be on the lookout for options that can reduce your property taxes and help you pay them with more ease. Popular ways of doing so include:

  • Checking the tax bill for any discrepancies
  • Being present while the property tax assessor is in your house doing their job
  • Not renovating your house or apartment before the assessor makes an evaluation of your property
  • Filing property tax appeals
  • Applying for tax exemptions

Each of these options can turn out useful for lowering your property taxes, but appeals and exemptions are the most effective ways. DoNotPay can help you with those in no time!

Important Information Regarding Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Virginia

Senior citizens and totally disabled persons have the right to apply for an exemption, deferral, or reduction of property taxes in Virginia. There are certain requirements they must meet to qualify for the tax relief programs:

  • Be 65 or older
  • Be totally or permanently disabled
  • Own and reside in the property being taxed
  • Have an income lower than $50,000 a year (according to state law), excluding the income of live-in caregiver
  • Meet local requirements for property value and other conditions

Each county and city in Virginia may have different rules regarding property tax and their own requirements. Some may not have a property tax relief program at all.

Other Property Tax Exemptions in Virginia

You should always learn more about other property tax exemptions available in your state and see if you qualify for any of them. Get more info about Virginia property tax exemptions in the table below:

Property Tax Exemption

Who Qualifies:

Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption
Surviving Spouses of Armed Forces Members Killed in ActionWidow(er)s who haven’t remarried after a member of the U.S. Armed Forces was killed in action
Solar Energy Equipment Tax ExemptionHomeowners who have installed solar equipment for heating or other applications that would otherwise require a conventional source of energy

Find Out if You Qualify for a Virginia Property Tax Exemption With DoNotPay

If you are not sure whether you meet all the criteria for some property tax exemption in Virginia, ask DoNotPay for help. Our app will find out if you have all the qualifications to reduce your property tax expenses in the Old Dominion. You only need to follow these fours steps:

  1. Locate and choose the Property Tax product
  2. Provide some information about the property you own
  3. Answer some questions about yourself and your property

In case you meet all the requirements for any of the property tax exemptions available in Virginia, we will let you know how to handle the application process as well.

You can also count on DoNotPay to learn more about states with low property taxes. Find out how these states handle property tax and what exemptions they offer:

  1. Alabama
  2. Colorado
  3. Utah
  4. Tennessee
  5. Delaware
  6. Arizona

DoNotPay and Property Tax Appeals in Virginia

Filing property tax appeals is the last resort when thinking about ways to lower your property taxes. You should consider appealing your property tax assessment in Virginia if you:

  • See a huge difference between your current and last year’s property tax bills
  • Notice mentions of the property you used to own in the property tax assessment
  • Find out that the assessor made the evaluation of your property twice

and access our Lower Property Taxes product to learn how to file an appeal. We can tell you how to prepare for the property tax appeal hearing. With our instructions, the property tax assessor won’t have a chance against you. We will make sure you know what evidence you should gather to help your case!

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