Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Tennessee Explained

Reducing Property Taxes Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Tennessee Explained

How To Get Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the states with the lowest property taxes in the U.S., with an average effective property tax rate of 0.64%. Low property taxes are not a guarantee that everyone can pay them.

If you are 65 years old or older and need help paying property taxes, this article can be your guide to obtaining property tax relief for seniors in Tennessee.

What Are Tennessee Property Tax Rules?

If you own a property anywhere in the States, you are required to pay property taxes. This rule is the same regardless of where you live. Other property tax regulations vary from one state or county to another.

The Tennessee Department of Revenue is not in charge of collecting property taxes—each county’s assessors estimate values of the properties, calculate tax rates, and collect property taxes.

The property tax rate depends on the revenue need in each county. The revenue from Tennessee property taxes is used to fund local public services and departments. 

How Does Tennessee Property Tax Assessment Work?

County assessors in Tennessee organize property tax assessments every four, five, or six years. The local assessor’s office schedules property evaluations, executes the assessment on the location, and evaluates both property and surrounding land.

Several factors can affect the value of the property:

  • Size of the property
  • Location within the county
  • Value of the neighboring property
  • Overall condition of the property and land it’s on

If you believe the assessor over-appraised your property, you can contact the appointed assessor for an informal discussion. In case you still can’t come to an agreement, you can file a property tax appeal with the Board of Equalization of your county.

How To Lower Your Tennessee Property Taxes

If you’re trying to figure out how to lower property taxes, there are several highly recommended strategies that you could try out. You can find a brief overview in the table below:

Property Tax Reduction StrategyDescription

Avoid property improvements

Any repairs, renovations, and installations can increase the value of the property. Every change in the original structure is considered an improvement and can significantly enlarge your tax bill, so it’s best to refrain from doing it before the scheduled assessment

Join the assessor during the evaluation

Even if your appointed assessor is doing an adequate job, if you are present during the assessment, they will pay attention and be more careful

Read your tax bill thoroughly

It is better to be safe than sorry—check your tax bill for any mistakes and irregularities and report them to the local assessor’s office

Check your property tax exemption eligibility

The state of Tennessee offers several property tax relief programs, and if you qualify for any, your property tax bill could end up being significantly lower

File a property tax appeal

Being unsatisfied with a property assessment is nothing unusual. If you believe your property’s value has been overestimated, you should file an appeal, and DoNotPay can show you how

Tennessee Property Tax Relief Program

Property tax exemptions that the Tennessee state law provides include:

  • Property tax relief for senior citizens and disabled homeowners—People over 65 and disabled citizens that reside in the assessed property are eligible for a property tax exemption
  • Property tax relief for disabled veterans or the surviving spouses—People with disability caused by the service in the U.S. Armed Forces meet the requirements for obtaining property tax relief in the amount that depends on the severity of the injury. If they die, the surviving spouse is eligible for the same property tax exemption

What Is a Property Tax Freeze for Seniors in Tennessee?

Property owners who qualify for a property tax freeze can have their base property tax amount frozen, which prevents taxes from increasing, even when the tax rate increases. To qualify for a property tax freeze for seniors, you must file the application annually and meet the following requirements:

  • Owning a property that is a primary residence
  • Being 65 years old or older
  • Having an income that doesn’t exceed the county income limit for the tax year

Tennessee Property Tax Exemption Application

To obtain any property tax exemption in Tennessee, you must submit an application with all the required documents first. The required documentation usually includes the following:

  1. Proof of ownership—a copy of the warranty or quitclaim deed
  2. Proof of age—a valid ID, driver’s license, or passport
  3. Evidence of disability
  4. Financial information for the previous fiscal year
  5. Picture of the property

Eligibility criteria and required documentation can vary from one county to another, and it is best to check the specifics before applying. You can learn more about your county’s requirements and application procedures in DoNotPay’s personalized guide.

Reduce Your Tennessee Property Taxes With the Best Virtual Assistant—DoNotPay

Dealing with property taxes can be a nightmare if you’re not familiar with the rules and guidelines. DoNotPay made a feature that specializes in property taxes by using an extensive database with every state’s and county’s laws and regulations.

You can benefit from our service by following these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Find the Reduce Property Taxes feature
  3. Respond to our chatbot’s questions about you and the property you own

By answering these questions, you help us create a personalized property tax guide.

In this handbook, you can find all the necessary details regarding property taxes in your county. You can use your custom-made manual to determine if you’re eligible for any property tax exemption. If you have any questions regarding property tax appeals, the guide will answer them.

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