Get Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Massachusetts

Reducing Property Taxes Get Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Massachusetts

Property Tax Relief for Seniors in Massachusetts—The Gist

Older people are often struggling financially, and any sort of help with paying property taxes is welcome. In the Bay State, you can check out the options for property tax relief for seniors in Massachusetts by using DoNotPay. Our app will tell you if you qualify for those property tax exemptions within minutes!

Massachusetts Property Tax Exemption for Seniors—Who Qualifies?

To get a Massachusetts property tax exemption for seniors, you need to be 65 or older before the end of the year. This exemption is worth $700, and married people may be entitled to one exemption per spouse if they are 65 or over on the last day of the tax year.

If you are a senior citizen, you might also be interested in learning more about another tax relief option in Massachusetts—Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit.

What You Need To Know About the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit

Elderly people living in the Bay State can apply for a refundable credit for the paid real estate taxes. It can be used for the property you own, rent, or occupy as your main residence.

Take a look at the table below to see who qualifies for this credit:

Eligible Individuals Must:Ineligible Individuals Are:
  • Be Massachusetts residents or part-year residents
  • Be 65 or older
  • Have a total income that doesn't exceed:
  1. $61,000—a single person who is not the head of a household
  2. $76,000—an individual who is the head of household
  3. $92,000—married couples
  • File a Massachusetts personal income tax return
  • Have property tax payments, together with half of their water and sewer expenses, exceed 10% of their total income for the tax year (for homeowners)
  • Have 25% of their annual rent exceed 10% of their total income for the tax year
  • Not residents of Massachusetts
  • Married and their status is ‘’married filing separately’’
  • Dependents of another taxpayer
  • Recipients of a state and/or federal rent subsidy
  • Renters from a tax-exempt entity
  • Owners of a primary residence with an assessed value larger than $848,000

Other Property Tax Exemptions Available in Massachusetts

You should find out if you have the right to apply for any other Massachusetts property tax exemption available in this state. Property tax exemptions are available for:

  1. Veterans
  2. Blind Persons
  3. Surviving Spouses and Minor Children

Property Tax Exemption for Veterans in Massachusetts

To qualify for the Massachusetts property tax exemption for veterans, an individual needs to be a former U.S. Military service member who has a service-connected disability. This exemption is also available to spouses of veterans as well as to surviving parents of military members who died on duty (Gold Star Parents).

Property Tax Exemption for Blind Persons in Massachusetts

If you wish to apply for the blind persons’ property tax exemption in MA, you need to be declared legally blind. You will also qualify for this tax relief if you own and occupy your dwelling as a homestead.

Property Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouses and Minor Children

Individuals whose spouses passed away have the right to apply for this exemption. Children younger than 18 may also qualify in case one of their parents is deceased.

See if You Meet the Requirements for a Property Tax Exemption in MA

Finding out if you have the right to apply for a property tax exemption can be complicated and exhausting. You don’t have to trouble yourself with figuring out the requirements by yourself—DoNotPay is here to help! Your virtual assistant will tell you if you qualify for exemptions in MA in under five minutes.

Heed these instructions:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Navigate to the Property Tax product
  3. Answer several questions about yourself and the property in your ownership

After you see the results, you can apply for the exemption with DoNotPay’s guidance!

DoNotPay Handles Property Tax Appeals as Well

Filing property tax appeals is another effective property tax reduction technique. If you feel it is necessary, you can use DoNotPay to help you learn how to appeal your past property tax assessments. To do so, you only need to open our Lower Property Taxes product. 

Our app has tips for negotiations with tax assessors. We also know what evidence you’ll need to lower the property tax assessment value and be ready for the property tax appeal hearing.

Can You Do Anything Else To Lower Property Taxes?

You may try some other property tax-lowering methods in addition to appeals and exemptions. They may not be as efficient, but there is a chance they might help. You should try:

  • Going around the house alongside the property tax assessor while they are making an evaluation—You may notice if they make a mistake immediately
  • Skipping home improvements before the property tax assessment—Your property taxes can only escalate if you renovate the dwelling
  • Checking your tax bill—It is possible to find a mistake that adds to the value of your property

Check Out States With Low Property Taxes

You can always consider moving to another state with more affordable property taxes. Some of the states with low property taxes you should keep in mind are:

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