Property Tax Assistance for Seniors Explained

Reducing Property Taxes Property Tax Assistance for Seniors Explained

Get Property Tax Assistance for Seniors Easily

If you are a senior, you can qualify for property tax assistance programs in most states, counties, or towns. Eligibility criteria are set at the state or local level and may differ.

DoNotPay provides information on available property tax assistance for seniors in the following text and some of the below-listed articles.

We are here to help you pay your property taxes, provide answers to questions about states with low property taxes, and much more. 

Common Property Tax Assistance Programs

Lots of states and municipalities provide the following property tax assistance programs:

Eligible CategoriesProperty Tax Assistance Programs
  1. Veterans
  2. Senior citizens
  3. Disabled people
  • Deductions
  • Senior freezes
  • Payment plans
  • Lower assessments
  • Homestead exemptions

To qualify for the available programs, you need to meet some income limit requirements. 

Property tax assistance differs depending on the state, municipality, or town you live in. Some local governments do not provide any assistance. 

DoNotPay can easily present what property tax exemptions are available for you in your state or county. 

Available Senior Citizens’ Property Tax Assistance Programs

You may qualify for some of the following senior citizens’ property tax assistance programs:

  1. Homestead exemptions 
  2. Senior freezes
  3. Circuit breakers
  4. Property tax deferrals
  5. Deductions

Property Tax Assistance for Seniors—Homestead Exemptions

You can receive a homestead exemption from your property taxes if you own and live in your home. Homestead exemptions are usually available for:

  • Senior citizens
  • Veterans
  • Disabled people
  • People on active duty

To get this exemption, you need to meet the required criteria of your state or local municipality and apply. The homestead exemption will significantly contribute to lowering your property taxes.

A homestead exemption can legally protect your home from forced sale in some locations. It means that your creditors cannot take away your primary residence. To avoid foreclosure, you should apply for a homestead exemption but make sure to check the local laws first.

Senior Citizens’ Property Tax Assistance—Senior Freeze

A property tax freeze for seniors is a type of property tax reimbursement that will put a stop to the increase of your property tax bills. 

You may qualify for a senior freeze if you are:

  • Over 60 years old
  • Own and occupy a property

If you apply and are qualified for this property tax program, it will:

  1. Freeze your home assessed value at the current rate
  2. Prevent a rise in your property taxes in the following years 

The formal assessment of your property can increase, but you will keep paying the same amount. 

You can take a look at our guides to this tax reduction option in various states, including New Jersey and Illinois

Is There a Senior Discount for Property Taxes? Look for a Circuit Breaker

One more property tax assistance program available for senior citizens in some states is a circuit breaker. It offers savings to homeowners whose total tax obligation depends on their:

  • Income
  • Ability to pay property taxes

Senior citizens’ property tax payments need to exceed a specific percentage of their incomes. A local government sets this percentage. 

Property Tax Assistance for Seniors—Property Tax Deferrals

Several U.S. states provide property tax deferrals that allow you to defer unpaid or overdue taxes until you sell your home.

If you have any unpaid property taxes, they will be placed as a lien against your home. 

Senior Citizens’ Property Tax Assistance—Deductions

Some towns or municipalities provide deductions. They are usually available for homeowners who are:

  • Veterans
  • The disabled 
  • Senior citizens with lower income

Property Tax Assistance for Seniors in Different U.S. States

can help you identify what property tax exemptions you qualify for or explain the property tax appeals in your state. 


Property Tax Assistance Programs Eligibility 

  • Veterans
  • Disabled senior citizens
  • Senior citizens
  • Low-income homeowners
  • Military members with disabilities
  • Unmarried surviving spouses of veterans
  • Veterans
  • The disabled
  • Senior citizens over 65 years of age
  • Veterans
  • The disabled or injured
  • Senior citizens who are 65 and more 
  • Veterans
  • Widow(er)s
  • Senior homeowners and renters

Eligibility conditions may vary based on your exact location. 

Besides the states listed in the table, DoNotPay helps seniors lower property taxes in New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and other places.

DoNotPay Guides You Through the Labyrinth of Property Tax Exemptions

We provide relevant information on the property tax exemption and assessment process in plenty of states, counties, or towns. 

You should enter information about your property and location, and we can generate detailed guidelines to present what exemptions you are eligible for. 

Would you like to apply for some property tax relief? We can show you how. Here is what you should do:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in any
  2. Locate the Property Tax feature
  3. Answer a few questions about you and your property

Our app will check the information you provided in our database to identify all property tax reduction methods relevant to your circumstances. You will receive your personalized property tax guide within mere moments! 

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