Property Tax Appeal in Los Angeles Explained

Reducing Property Taxes Property Tax Appeal in Los Angeles Explained

Get the Scoop on the Property Tax Appeal in Los Angeles

California is one of the states with the highest property taxes in the country, and local residents should learn about the ways to lower these expenses. Property tax rules differ across counties. If you want to learn more about how property tax appeal in Los Angeles County works, you can count on DoNotPay for the information.

LA County Property Tax Assessment Appeal—When Should You Appeal?

If you live in LA County and are not satisfied with the property tax assessor’s evaluation of your home, you can file a property tax appeal. The reasons for doing so may involve you seeing that the assessor evaluated your property twice. Other times it could be that you notice a significant difference in the amount of your tax bill compared to previous years.

Whatever the reason you find the property tax assessment unfair, you should first get in touch with the Assessor's Office in LA County. If you don’t manage to solve the issue this way, you should file an appeal with the Assessment Appeals Board. You don’t have to deal with the procedure on your own—use DoNotPay to help you!

Appeal Property Tax Assessments With DoNotPay’s Assistance

If it’s necessary to appeal past property tax assessments, you can turn to DoNotPay for help. Your virtual assistant will gladly show you the ropes of negotiating with the assessor. We can also tell you more about the evidence and documents you’ll need to strengthen your case. 

You only need to:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Open the Property Tax product
  3. Answer some questions about your property

You will get a personalized guide with concise info that will lead you through the appeal process. With the info you gather, you will be ready for a property tax appeal hearing in no time!

Other Options of Lowering Property Tax in Los Angeles

You don’t have to wait for the property tax appeals to lower your property tax. There are other options that can help you prevent getting a high tax bill. Check out the table below for more details:

Lower Your Property Tax By:


Applying for property tax exemptionsProperty tax exemptions are one of the most efficient ways of lowering your property tax. They are available in all states and target people who need help paying property taxes such as:

Avoiding home renovationsIt is best to wait for the property tax assessor to make their evaluation before renovating your property. Any home improvement adds to the house value and thus to your tax bill
Shadowing the property tax assessor in your homeYou should be present while the property tax assessor is doing their job to make sure everything is done according to the rules. If you notice a mistake, you can react right away
Checking the tax bill for discrepanciesAny suspiciously high property tax bill needs a double check. You can notice a mistake and let the responsible property tax authorities know on time

DoNotPay can help you find out if you can apply for property tax exemptions in Los Angeles!

Do You Qualify for LA Property Tax Exemptions? Find Out With DoNotPay!

If you wish to play it safe and find out whether you can apply for a property tax exemption in LA, you should use DoNotPay. We will have your answer in a matter of minutes. The procedure is as simple as it gets—you only need to follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Navigate to the Property Tax product
  3. Provide necessary info about the property you own
  4. Answer several questions about yourself

You can also find answers about the application process in our app!

Property Tax Exemptions Available in Los Angeles

If you meet certain requirements, you can apply for property tax exemptions in Los Angeles. The available options include:

  • The Homeowners’ Exemption—You can apply if you own and use the property as your principal residence. Tax authorities can exempt $7,000 from your assessed value
  • Veterans' Exemption—You can get an exemption of $4,000 applied to your property value if you are a veteran or their surviving spouse
  • Disabled Veterans’ Exemption—This exemption is available for veterans who are blind, lost the use of two or more limbs, or are totally disabled. The Veterans Administration needs to verify the injury is service-connected and certified
  • Disaster Relief—You can ask for disaster relief if a flood or fire destroys your property. The loss must be larger than $10,000 of your property’s current market value
  • Exclusion for Seniors and Disabled—Senior citizens (55 or older) and disabled people who buy or construct a property that has the same or lesser value than their original home can transfer the old assessed value to the new residence

DoNotPay can provide you with a guide on understanding your property tax exemption options and eligibility! If you don’t qualify for any of these exemptions, you can always check out our list of the states with low property taxes.

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