Need a Process Document Template? We’ll Show You the Way!

Standardized Legal Documents Need a Process Document Template? We’ll Show You the Way!

A Process Document Template Might Be the Solution You’re Looking For

Writing a procedure document on your own is a tricky and tedious task, whereas hiring a lawyer to create one for you can create a hole in your wallet. What may solve those problems is a process document template, which you can download from the web. 

If you want to learn everything about process document templates and how to get various types of legal documents with ease, we’ll explain everything in our guide! 

What Is a Process Document? 

In layman’s terms, a process document describes the execution of a process and outlines every step that’s needed for the completion of the task from start to finish. Such a document can:

  • Save you time and money
  • Reduce errors made during the execution of a process 
  • Create standardization 
  • Improve onboarding of employees and efficiency of the workplace 
  • Pinpoint areas of improvement in the process execution

Perks of Having a Process Document

If you’re indecisive about whether you should get yourself a process document or not, we’ve compiled a list of advantages of creating one: 

  • Process documentation helps your organization figure out new strategies and tactics to make your workplace more efficient 
  • It can act as training material for new employees and help them get to know the workflow 
  • It can reduce confusion in the workplace as it states clear roles and responsibilities of everyone in the company
  • This document preserves key information about each step of the described process, which you may need to refer to later on 

Tips for Finding a Process Document Template

The search for a process document template isn’t as easy as it might sound—you have to be careful when picking the right one. Not all process document templates will suit your needs or achieve the effect you want. To make your search easier, you have to:

  1. Be patient and analyze several templates before you decide on one 
  2. Choose one from a professional-looking website as amateur-looking ones provide templates that are full of grammatical errors 
  3. Check for hidden costs because a vast number of websites that offer templates may charge you

Can You Create a Process Document Template on Your Own?

Creating a process document by yourself is doable if you follow certain steps. In case you decide to do it or want to know how it’s done, DoNotPay will explain everything you have to do to create one:

Here’s a table of all the necessary steps you need to take:



Determining the scope of the process documentYou have to provide answers to questions such as when the process will take place, what the goals of the project are, etc.
Listing the resourcesList all the resources that your team needs to complete the process and describe what the end product will be
Giving out roles Describe what every team member will have to do in the process and what their roles and responsibilities are 
Visualize the list of activitiesVisually represent the steps involved in the process via a flowchart. This will help your team understand how the process is carried out better
Adding media Make the flowchart more interesting by adding images and videos
Providing sourcesConsider adding sources where you got your information so that your team members can do their research
Asking for feedback Share the process document with your coworkers so they can scan it for mistakes
Optimizing Make improvements to your process document by implementing the feedback from your colleagues
TestingIf you’re sure you didn’t skip anything, you should check if the process document works in a controlled environment

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