The Easy Way to Get Your Presbyterian Medical Records

Easily Share Your Presbyterian Medical Records With Your Doctors

Electronic health records are supposed to make accessing  easier. Healthcare is supposed to be more consistent and safer for patients because their records should be accessible across multiple healthcare systems. Medical records are sometimes harder to access than ever before. Every time you visit your doctor, they put a note in your medical record. Your record contains a lot of information about you and your health, which includes your examinations, tests, labs, x-rays, prescribed medications, and recommended treatment plans.

Medical care has become very specialized. Most people getting healthcare have multiple healthcare providers in more than one unrelated facility, compromising the ability of their provider to access the patient's medical records. This problem can significantly impact safe patient care.

Benefits of Having Full Access to Your Medical Records From Presbyterian

A large medical system, Presbyterian has multiple healthcare facilities. Thousands of patients get healthcare at their facilities every year. That's a lot of  documenting every step of treatment for each of these patients.

One way to ensure your doctors have access to your complete, up-to-date medical record is to have a complete copy of your own. There are some benefits to maintaining a copy:

  1. You will know the results of all of your tests.
  2. Be able to discuss your record with current and future providers.
  3. You can submit missing tests or medication changes.
  4. You can share copies with new providers.
  5. Delays transferring information are eliminated.

Your medical records are yours. They do not belong to the healthcare providers maintaining them. You have a right to access them and have a copy of them.

Another good reason to keep a copy of your records is that medical records can get lost or destroyed, even electronic ones. They are also not kept forever in many cases. Retention periods are determined by state law and facility policy. They could be destroyed in as little as 7-10 years after the last patient contact. It's important to get a copy of your medical records before they are destroyed. DoNotPay will help.

How to Get Access to Your Medical Records at Presbyterian on Your Own

You can access most of your medical records for treatments you've received at Presbyterian online. A Medical Records Release Form can be downloaded on the Presbyterian website. The request needs to be sent to the Presbyterian facility where the records are located. It is where treatment was provided. Patients may have been recorded at multiple facilities within the Presbyterian system.

There is also a patient portal where patients can access their records and request records to be shared with other providers. The portal is the preferred method of accessing medical records or making requests for copies.

Records can be provided to requestors by fax, CD, flash drive, paper, email.

Presbyterian Medical Records Not Available Online

Behavioral health records are not accessible online on the patient portal. It includes mental health treatment and alcohol and drug treatment for inpatient and outpatient. Patients wanting copies of behavioral health records need to complete a request for copies.

DoNotPay will help you access ALL of your records from any location.

How to Request Your Medical Records From Presbyterian With the Help of DoNotPay

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  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you’d like to send the records.


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Why Use DoNotPay to Request Medical Records

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What Healthcare Facilities Does DoNotPay Help Patients Get Records From?

DoNotPay can help patients get their records from any facility. Your records are not accessed directly by DoNotPay. Your privacy is secure. DoNotPay provides the tools for you to get your records fast, as easy as possible, and without any hassles.

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