Learn How To Draw Up Prenuptial Agreements in Ohio

Standardized Legal Documents Learn How To Draw Up Prenuptial Agreements in Ohio

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Getting married should be a fun and happy experience, but certain legal and boring tasks can get in the way of that. To avoid burdening yourself with formalities, use DoNotPay to draft your prenuptial agreement in minutes and turn to other, more enjoyable activities. Our app also provides you with a prenuptial agreement checklist to make gathering useful info simple and easy.

If you are an Ohio resident looking for info about prenuptial agreements, you’re at the right place! We will explain everything you need to know about prenuptial agreements in Ohio, and will help you make one in a snap!

Useful Info About Prenuptial Agreements in Ohio

Prenuptial agreements, known in Ohio as antenuptial agreements, are usually permitted under the state’s family laws. For the prenuptial agreement in Ohio to be valid, it has to meet certain requirements, including:

  • The items in the agreements can’t encourage divorce
  • No spouse can enter the agreement under duress
  • There has to be full disclosure of the value of the spouses’ property

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What Do Prenuptial Agreements in Ohio Cover?

You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with drawing up a prenuptial agreement on your own, especially when there is a much simpler solution—DoNotPay. We will draft your contracts in minutes, so don’t hesitate to use our neat feature to your advantage!

Should you decide that drafting a prenuptial agreement by yourself is the way you want to go, make sure to include the following items in it:

  1. Property rights
  2. Assets and debts
  3. Right to control properties
  4. Family business management
  5. Alimony
  6. Death benefits
  7. Additional items you want to include

Property Rights

When it comes to properties, there is individual and marital property. The individual property includes everything that you acquired on your own, while marital property is gained throughout the marriage. You can choose to own the property as a couple or individually. Whichever decision you reach, make sure to state it clearly in the first section of the agreement.

Assets and Debts

You have to discuss the distribution of assets and debts with your future spouse and decide how you want to do it. Mention what will happen with assets and debts during the marriage, but in case of a divorce as well.

Right To Control Property

To avoid any confusion and legal risks, consult your spouse-to-be regarding the control of the property. Say whether each of you is allowed to sell, buy, rent, or transfer property in any way.

Family Business Management

Making sure you specify the details regarding the management of a family business will save you unnecessary stress later on. State the obligations and responsibilities, such as who will manage the business and in what way.


Alimony is usually paid by a higher-earning spouse, and you should elaborate on all the specifics when it comes to alimony here. The specifics you must mention are:

  • Which spouse will be paying alimony
  • How much they will be paying
  • When they will be paying and for how long

If you think of anything else that could be relevant regarding alimony, mention that as well.

Death Benefits

Both you and your future spouse may have your own insurance policies. In that case, if anything happens to one or the other, you may be able to receive the benefits from the other one’s insurance. Discuss that among yourselves and specify the details about it in this section.

Additional Items You Want To Include

In case you or your partner think of anything else that could be important, use the final section of the agreement to state it.

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