Prenuptial Agreements in Florida in Detail

Standardized Legal Documents Prenuptial Agreements in Florida in Detail

What You Should Know About the Prenuptial Agreements in Florida

Searching for prenuptial agreement templates and saving money for prenuptial agreement costs aren’t as fun as choosing a cake, a dress, or a venue for the wedding, but they are just as essential.

If you don’t understand legal documents, you might be confused about your rights and responsibilities regarding prenuptial agreements in Florida.

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A Prenuptial Agreement in Florida—Definition

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two prospective spouses determining how the alimony and property division processes will unfold in case of a divorce. In the state of Florida, you can also hear the contract is referred to as a premarital agreement.

Premarital Agreements Are All the Rage Today

You shouldn’t shy away from drawing up a prenuptial agreement before you tie the knot. Rather than a frowned-upon contract that only the rich need, prenuptial agreements are a common way for couples to secure their financial future.

If you have doubts about drawing up a premarital agreement, you should consider your circumstances.

The prospective spouses that usually enter into a prenuptial agreement are those that:

  • Own businesses they don’t want their spouse to engage in or benefit from in case of a legal separation
  • Have assets they don’t want to divide when they divorce
  • Determine the alimony process beforehand
  • Look to protect the inheritance of their children from previous marriages or relationships

A Florida Prenuptial Agreement—What To Watch Out For

Florida laws and regulations regarding prenuptial agreements are rooted in the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA). Under the UPAA, certain aspects are excluded from premarital agreements, meaning that you cannot protect everything even if you sign the contract.

Here’s what to watch out for when considering whether to enter into a prenuptial agreement in Florida:

Prenuptial Agreements in Florida Can:Prenuptial Agreements in Florida Can’t:
  • Decide on the distribution of property
  • Protect the parties’ rights regarding assets and liabilities
  • Settle whether alimony will be included in a divorce, who will pay it, and for how long
  • Be enforced if they include provisions that violate the state law or public policies
  • Affect child custody
  • Determine the amount of child support

In Florida, if spouses who have a child decide to get a divorce, the issues of child custody and support are settled by court judges. Court decides who gets custody rights and sets the amount of child support at the time of divorce. The decision is based on the child’s needs and the financial stability of the spouses.

Spouses can decide between each other who wants to get custody of their child, but their decision must be approved by a court.

How To Make Your Prenuptial Agreement Enforceable

For a prenuptial agreement to be valid in Florida, it needs to:

  1. Be in writing
  2. Be voluntarily signed by both parties
  3. Contain a full disclosure of the spouses’ financial information

The premarital agreement is effective when the prospective spouses get married.

What if You Want To Void or Change Your Prenuptial Agreement in Florida?

Under the Florida prenuptial agreement law, the prenuptial agreement is non-modifiable. If you want to enter into an agreement with your prospective spouse, you should do so carefully.

In certain situations, one party can void or challenge the premarital agreement. For a court of law to decide that the prenuptial agreement isn’t valid, one or the other party needs to prove that they:

  • Didn’t sign the agreement voluntarily
  • Negotiated the terms of or signed the agreement under duress, coercion, or trickery
  • Didn’t receive full disclosure of their spouse’s financial situation

Note that if either party commits adultery, a prenuptial agreement is still enforceable by law.

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