Claim Your Compensation for Power Outage in El Paso

Utility Outages Claim Your Compensation for Power Outage in El Paso

El Paso Power Outage: How to File a Complaint

If you live and work in El Paso, you have exactly one option for your power company: El Paso Electric. This regional monopoly is due primarily to the lack of urban provider competition in the area. Unfortunately, it also means that if you are experiencing an outage or have a complaint, there is only one power company to deal with. El Paso Electric is solely responsible for , the surrounding area, and any outage-related losses that might occur.

If you are experiencing a  or have experienced damages after or during an outage, your options are limited. DoNotPay can help you make an impact even if El Paso Electric is less than helpful on the phone.

How to Check for an El Paso Power Outage

If you are currently experiencing an outage, you can check the current known outage reports on the El Paso Electric Outage Map page. This is a live and zoomable map so you can quickly find your region. Outages are marked with a small green dot. Hover your mouse over the dot to see the number of customers affected by the outage and the current repair status.

Did You Experience Power Outage Losses?

There are five types of loss that can be experienced as the result of a power outage:

  1. Charged for Outage Time.
  2. Food Loss - 4+ hours without power to the fridge.
  3. Income Loss - 1+ days unable to work from home.
  4. Equipment Loss - Power surge damaged your AC capacitor or other equipment.
  5. Personal Injury - Power surge hurt someone in contact with a power lead.
Were you charged for power during your outage?Yes, yes you were. In addition to a meter-based kWh charge, El Paso Electric customers are also charged a meter maintenance fee and more importantly, a "Fuel Charge" for the fuel used to generate your electricity. This means you were charged for the hours or days your power was out, even though you weren't receiving electricity.
Did you experience property or equipment damage due to a power surge?If the power outage began with a massive surge of power (from a lightning strike or equipment failure) down the lines, this can fry even surge-protected equipment. In El Paso, the most common equipment damage is a blown AC capacitor, which can cost over $250 to replace. If your property or equipment were damaged due to an El Paso power outage, you shouldn't have to cover the cost of repairs.
Did you experience food loss or income loss during an extended outage?Extended time with the power out has its own consequences. After four hours, the food in your fridge and freezer begins to spoil and you will need to throw it out. This can be hundreds in grocery costs which, again, you shouldn't have to cover on your own.

If the power was out for a full work shift, or several days, you may also experience a significant loss of income when unable to work from home. If so, you may need to claim lost wages or lost business damages against El Paso Electric to get compensation.

How to Get Outage Loss Compensation from El Paso Electric

Unlike other power companies, El Paso Electric does not have any printed policies regarding compensation for any outage-related damages or even bill refunds when charged for outage time. This means you will need to go through normal customer service routes to request a refund and there is no policy guarantee that they will grant compensation even if they are legally liable.

You can contact El Paso Electric by phone, email, or charmingly, you can send them a letter by mail.

Customer Service Line

  • Texas: (915) 543-5970
  • New Mexico: (575) 526-5555

Trouble and Outage Line

  • Texas: (915) 877-3400
  • New Mexico: (575) 523-7591


Mailing Address: 

El Paso Electric

P.O. Box 982

El Paso, Texas 79960

How to Get Compensation for Loss from an El Paso Power Outage with DoNotPay

So what do you do if El Paso Electric doesn't get back to you or doesn't grant the damages you deserve after a power outage in El Paso? While you could appeal to the Public Utility Commission or the El Paso City Attorney's office, there's an easier way. Let DoNotPay handle the situation for you.

Chances are you don't have time to take this issue to the highest authority by spending hours on the phone and trading emails, but we do. Monopoly companies like El Paso Electric are counting on you not having the time and energy to fight their compensation denial. That is exactly why DoNotPay specializes in taking on the tedious part of getting customers fair treatment and loss compensation, so you don't have to.

How to Get Compensation for an Outage Using DoNotPay:

If you want to get compensation for an outage but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 9 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Outage Refunds product on DoNotPay.


  2. Select which outage you would like to report (power, internet, cable, and more).


  3. Select your energy provider and enter your account number.


  4. Indicate when the outage started and how long it lasted.


  5. Verify your account information.


  6. If you want to be reimbursed for losses related to a power outage, choose whether you want to be reimbursed for personal injuries, damaged property, or both.


  7. Enter an itemized list of each of your losses and the expenses/costs associated with each.


  8. Upload documents or photographic evidence that proves your losses. Also add the names of any witnesses who can attest to your losses if possible.


  9. Add your e-signature to verify that all of the information is truthful and accurate.


DoNotPay Outage Loss Recovery Works with Any Company, Anywhere

Experienced other types of outages and losses? Have friends and family outside the El Paso Electric monopoly with similar issues in need of compensation? We can help. DoNotPay services work for any company anywhere in the US.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is proud to offer a wide range of services to help you save time, save money, and skip the tedious part of being treated fairly by difficult offices. Whether you can't get your parking ticket payments to the right government clerk or your insurance is being a pain, we can help. We're happy to do it. Here are a few other ways DoNotPay can make your life a little easier and more affordable:

DoNotPay is here to help you with the tedious stuff so you can live life fairly. No one deserves to soak financial loss when big companies give you the brush-off. Let us fight for your rights, your fair treatment, and your finances. That's what we do best.

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