A Quick Guide to Drafting a Power of Attorney in Oklahoma

Create a Power of Attorney A Quick Guide to Drafting a Power of Attorney in Oklahoma

Draw Up a Power of Attorney in Oklahoma in Five Minutes or Less

Understanding and drafting legal documents is no easy task for someone with no background in law. We’re here to explain all you need to know about a power of attorney in Oklahoma and show you how to create your document in less than five minutes!

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How Does the Oklahoma Power of Attorney Work?

An Oklahoma power of attorney is a legal document that an individual (the principal) can use to give another person of trust (an agent) the power to make certain decisions in their stead. There are several types of POA documents. The principal can decide what type they want depending on what they want to use it for and what powers they want to transfer. Check out the list below for details on different POA types:

  1. General power of attorney—With a general POA, the principal allows an agent to make financial decisions in their stead for as long as they’re mentally competent
  2. Durable power of attorney—A durable POA is different from a regular POA because it stays in effect even after the principal becomes incapacitated
  3. Limited power of attorney—A limited POA lets the principal restrict the powers they want to transfer to an agent and limit the duration of the agreement to the period they specify
  4. Financial power of attorney— A financial POA can be either effective immediately or springing, and with it, the principal gives an agent the right to handle their finances, bills, and real estate matters

What Powers Can the Principal Transfer With a Durable Power of Attorney in Oklahoma?

A POA allows an agent to:

  • Act as a representative payee for all payments that the principal has the right to
  • Deal with the principal’s bank accounts however they see fit
  • Handle the principal’s insurance policies, including their life, disability, and hospitalization policies
  • Perform any act on the principal’s behalf in the same manner that they would if they were capable
  • File the principal’s taxes
  • Request the principal’s hospital records and personal information

How To Get a Power of Attorney in Oklahoma

You can draft a power of attorney in Oklahoma on your own, but you have to do it in accordance with your state’s laws and legal protocols. Making sure your POA agreement is signed in front of two witnesses and a notary public is one of the requirements. In case you fail to comply with the laws, your document will not be valid.

The important clauses that your POA agreement should cover are:

POA titleGive the agreement a specific title to avoid any future misunderstandings
DatesState the date when the agreement gets signed. If you decide for the agreement to be time-limited and to have the beginning and end date, include those dates as well
Names and detailsInclude both the principal’s and the agent’s full names, along with:

  • Your addresses
  • Contact info
The powers you’re transferringDescribe what powers the principal will be transferring to the agent and include any explanations if needed

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By Oklahoma law, your power of attorney document must be signed in front of a notary public.

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