A Short and Sweet Guide to Creating a Power of Attorney in Maryland

Create a Power of Attorney A Short and Sweet Guide to Creating a Power of Attorney in Maryland

A Power of Attorney in Maryland—All You Need To Know

Do you want to entrust someone with handling your health, finances, or any other aspect of your life? Creating a power of attorney (POA) is a certified way to ensure your wishes and directives will be honored.

Since every state has its own regulations regarding powers of attorney, you should get all the information before creating one. In this article, DoNotPay will break down powers of attorney in Maryland and help you draw up the POA document in a matter of minutes!

Types of Maryland POA

A power of attorney allows you to appoint someone to manage your affairs if you cannot do it on your own. The person granting power of attorney is referred to as the principal, and the individual getting the power is known as the agent.

Maryland accepts several types of powers of attorney, depending on personal needs. Take a look at the table below for a detailed description of each type:

Power of Attorney in MarylandDescription
GeneralA general power of attorney in Maryland gives an authorized individual power to handle all business and personal aspects of the principal’s life. If the principal becomes incapacitated, the contract automatically becomes void
DurableA durable power of attorney in Maryland remains effective after the principal becomes incapacitated due to:

  • Old age
  • Mental illness
  • Injury

The agent continues or assumes their role once the principal becomes unable to decide for themselves

SpringingA springing power of attorney has to be triggered by a specific event to take effect, e.g., a person becoming incapacitated
LimitedIt grants the agent powers defined by the document. The agent’s authorization can be limited by time or scope
MedicalA medical power of attorney in Maryland authorizes the agent to decide on the principal’s health care. Unless stated differently, the contract takes effect once the principal is no longer able to take care of themselves
FinancialMaryland’s financial power of attorney gives the agent power to manage the principal’s financial matters, such as:

  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Retirement plans

Bear in mind that—according to Maryland law—any written power of attorney is considered durable unless the document specifies otherwise.

Criteria for Creating and Executing a Power of Attorney in Maryland

If you want to create a power of attorney in Maryland, you must be:

  1. At least 18
  2. Mentally competent, which implies that you understand the:
    1. Document’s content
    2. Powers being assigned to the agent
    3. Ways property is affected by granting the power

Maryland has specific requirements for a lawful execution of a POA. That means the document has to be:

  1. Written
  2. Signed by the principal or a person appointed by the principal
  3. Acknowledged and signed in the presence of a notary public and two or more witnesses

According to the current law, a notary can serve as one of the witnesses during the signing unless the notarization is remote.

A power of attorney in Maryland authorizing the agent to sell a property must be recorded and executed according to specific requirements.

How To Get a Power of Attorney in Maryland

You can create a power of attorney in Maryland in one of the following ways:

  1. Hire a lawyer—This is one of the safest methods of getting a comprehensive power of attorney. Although lawyers can deliver an enforceable document, their services are also expensive
  2. Download a power of attorney template—While contract templates are available and easily downloadable, they are also generic and require a lot of customization
  3. Write a power of attorney yourself—You can research your state laws and use a power of attorney template as your starting point. Bear in mind that your chances of creating a professional POA without any legal background are slim
  4. Subscribe to DoNotPay—If you need a durable power of attorney, we can create one according to your needs and state laws. You will get a professional, tailor-made document at an affordable price

Create a Maryland Power of Attorney Effortlessly With DoNotPay

Why waste money on lawyers or risk making a mistake writing a durable POA by yourself? DoNotPay has what it takes to create any power of attorney instantly. After you provide essential details to our chatbot, we will incorporate them into a personalized legal document that meets all requirements!

Your first step is to access DoNotPay from a web browser and:

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  2. Answer our chatbot’s questions

After creating your durable POA, you can opt to have the document notarized. Our app will connect you to an online notary and help you finish the whole procedure from the same platform!

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